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Keboola Helps Cars Dealerships Thrive in the Post-Pandemic Crisis

The ongoing global chip shortage and supply chain issues have stalled new car manufacturing and availability, driving the price and demand of both new and used cars through the roof. In today’s extremely volatile and unpredictable market, things are unlikely to look up anytime soon. To better adapt to the market and stay ahead of the competition, car dealerships can look to Keboola.

Keboola allowed us to focus on being innovative and not worry about whether our toolset would be able to keep up with us.
Vinh Buu
Manager of Shopping Data
Our previous solution was simply not allowing us to cover the amount of ground we needed to move at the speed we wanted. We needed autonomy more than anything so our engineers weren’t hindered by limited systems
IlJa Volf
Head of Data Analytics and BI, Mall Group
Keboola is a no-brainer. It will help you automate most, if not all of your daily tasks, from day one.
Data analyst at Kinder

What modern challenges do car dealerships face?

The fast pace of change in the automotive industry makes it hard to steer your dealership in the right direction. With one eye on the road to success and the other in the rear window watching out for competition, car dealerships face multiple challenges.

Driving blindfolded

Car dealerships have data dispersed across multiple systems: local point-of-sales, e-commerce transactions, sales reports, digital ads, and more. Without centralized data, it can be hard to visualize the road to success.

Supply chain trends are hard to predict

Aligning inventory orders between supply (manufacturers, resellers), demand (customers), and prices that have jumped over 40% is a juggling act that's hard to maintain, let alone spot useful trends.

Shifts in demand and taste

With no preferred cars on the market, dealerships need to figure out which models to advertise to consumers to increase sales. Should you target first-time drivers with Ford F-Series or Toyota Highlander?

Shopping has moved online

Modern customers purchased 30% of cars online (vs 2% pre-pandemic). Digitalizing all inventory records and offering a superb online shopping experience is stalled with bad data and sluggish technology.

Faster purchases

The time customers spend researching and buying cars has been on the decline every year since 2019. Successful car dealerships need to catch an already narrow and closing window of opportunity to make a sale while it's hot.

Fierce competition

Top car dealerships have witnessed record profits in the post-pandemic world, with money making it easier to dominate the market. To stay ahead of the competition, dealerships need to respond quickly on both the online and offline fronts.

Success Story: Olfin Car increased its sales by 760% with Keboola and Marketing BI

Olfin Car is a leading seller of new and used cars in Central Europe with additional services in the field of financing, authorized car service, and insurance. With the help of Keboola and Marketing BI, Olfin Car was able to turn the tides of the current car crisis into an advantage. This is how they did it.

Keboola helps car dealerships grow with data and automation

Keboola is a Data Stack as a Service platform that takes care of all of your car dealership data demands. With its set of robust features, Keboola helps automate and streamline all data operations that drive business growth.

Driving blindfolded

With over 250+ out-of-the-box connectors, Keboola can automate your data collection from internal, external, and public sources. Automate data collection end-to-end with a couple of clicks.

Understand Your Customers

Integrate your CRM, ERP, and communication software with Keboola. Segment customers and unify your customer knowledge to improve and personalize your marketing communications.

Build Advanced Predictive Models

Let your data scientists and analysts work with the tools they know best. Build advanced machine learning models in Keboola that forecast trends and help you control supply and demand.

Improve online sales

Integrate your centralized data back into your website and CRMs to build products that convert website purchases and empower your salespeople to sell more.

See the big picture

Keboola works with multiple BI tools (Power BI, Tableau, Looker, ThoughtSpot, and even Excel) to empower you to make better decisions with data.

Seamless scaling for fast results

Keboola’s architecture scales seamlessly as you grow. The data platform we keep up with your data needs as they grow alongside your business.

… and many more. Keboola covers all the use cases of data operations, from data governance to democratization, and every engineering nook and analytic insight in between.

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