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Centralize and share data between teams, projects and departments

From the old data warehouse world to the new, data-centric - use Keboola’s Data Catalog to gain a new level of collaboration and data asset management, without adding complexity to your data stack.

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New level of collaboration and data asset management

Build your
data assets

Simply and securely share enriched data among teams and projects within the organization.

meets governance

Publish tools for description, metadata and data lineage analysis with a full audit trail of data usage by users, projects, and processes.

Remove data
access friction

Enjoy massive productivity gains with instant access to data required by any empowered user.

It's easy to get started

number 1
Nothing to install or integrate
The Data Catalog is a built-in feature in your Keboola Connection, with any data available to be published.
number 2
Describe data you want to publish
Use descriptions to give your team mates better visibility, and set access - by user level, a specific project or specific user(s).
number 3
See any data available to you
Anyone can subscribe to data available to them in single click - no more work for the owner of the data, or the team. Click and get to work!

One Click to Data

The Catalog's intuitive UI makes access to data a breeze. In one click, data appears in your project, ready to be worked on.

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