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Run your data operations on a single, unified platform.

  • Easy setup, no data storage required
  • Free forever for core features
  • Simple expansion with additional credits
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Data Templates: automate your data pipeline.

End-to-end workflows that deploy in a couple of clicks or an API call. In minutes, your whole project blueprint is stood up - flexible to any changes, updates, modifications or extensions.

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Deploy in minutes, customize later

Data Production

With Data templates, no time is wasted in discovery, acquiring, organizing, cleaning, transforming, and modeling data step by step manually.

your data team

With pre-built data pipelines, your data team can cover a vast array of company use cases. Data templates free up their time to focus on high-value work they love doing.

Set a baseline
for your mL models

With machine learning models, the name-of-the-game is continuous improvement. Data templates allow you to swiftly deploy a model that can act as your baseline which you can develop further.
Everyone’s Favorite DATA TEMPLATES

In one-click, change the way you work

Bitbucjet logo
Bitbucket Devops
Get Bitbucket repositories analysis to track progress of your development and activity of your team members.
review Tracker logo
Reviewtrackers Reviews
Get a complete business application to extract multi-location reviews from ReviewTrackers, relations and sentiment analysis, and output of a standardized data model.
Zendesk logo
Zendesk Support
Get basic acquisition of Zendesk data with transformation to a standard support data model.

End-to-End Data Pipelines

Automation brings incredible value to data teams and hyper-growing companies. It removes hours of sweating over repetitive and mundane tasks.

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Request a Data Template

Don’t see a Data Template you need? We add new templates based on customer feedback. Email us the Data Template you’d like added.

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What's New at Keboola

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