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Do your life's best work at Keboola

do it keboola way

The values that we live by

At Keboola, we’ve built a team culture based on learning, innovation and most importantly trust. As we’ve grown we continue to embrace the startup vibe and foster a fast-paced and challenging environment. What is unique about our company, is that everyone has a voice and is welcomed to use it. We’re global but well connected and agile. Keboola has offices and team members spanning across Europe, North America, Africa and beyond.
Proudly, we’ve grown 100% organically and our team is hiring in 2020. We’re looking for sharp new talent that wants to be a part of something bigger as our organization continues to scale and provide digital transformation to our customers. We offer career opportunities in areas including engineering, software development, consulting, customer success, sales, design, accounting and administration

Keboola’s Philosophies and Values

Keboola exists to help employees live rich lives, grow, and prosper in future endeavours inside or outside of Keboola. Keboola exists to help our customers build better businesses, increase profitability, and make better decisions. Keboola employees help Keboola, by being honest, entrepreneurial, daring to learn, helping each other prosper, and, thus, helping themselves.
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Care, love and respect
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Create and innovate
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Get your stuff done
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One team
no bullshit
"Keboola is a place where everyone DOES care. About the product, the company, the customers and also the employees."
"I do enjoy working at Keboola because its environment and the product itself is giving you the chance to change the world around you."
Head of Sales

Career Openings

Your dream job not listed?
Let us know!

To learn more about current or future career opportunities in the Czech Republic, Canada, United States or the EU and beyond, email our corporate recruiter at

Come One, Come All

Keboola provides equal employment opportunities to all employees, consultants, and applicants for employment. We do not discriminate on any basis. Here’s the thing: we don’t care what color you are, who you pray to, what gender you identify with, if you have tattoos or your hair is blue. We hire based on skill and culture fit. It really is that simple.