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Integrate your data through CDC

Public Beta

Use less resources with Change-Data-Capture.
Eliminate the need for bulk load updates and analyze data faster.

What are the advantages?

It’s fast

Each replication starts where the last one finished, meaning no event gets processed twice.

It’s lightweight

Performance of the source database will not be affected by the replication process.

It’s scalable

Hundreds of tables? No problem, there’s no limit. Convenient UI and RegEx filters allow you to keep fine control even at scale.

It’s automated

Our connectors are capable of handling schema changes automatically, without the need to re-sync.

How does it work?

Our CDC connectors read data directly from the binary (or WAL) logs.
The connector is able to capture all events happening to each row in every table of your database instance. Whether it be an update, insertion or even deletion of a row.
These events are then converted into a table in Keboola Storage (usually Snowflake DB) and replicate what your table actually looks like in your database server.

How often can replication be run?

How often you need it! Once a day or every 5 minutes. Our solution is micro-batch based which means you can schedule the extraction frequency and significantly reduce costs.

Keboola supports these database systems:

  • MySQL/MariaDB
  • AWS Aurora
  • Oracle (Beta)
  • PostgreSQL
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