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A little bit about us

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We are a data operations company that believes people are essential.

At Keboola, we embrace the startup vibe of having a fast-paced, challenging, yet still fun environment. We have created a workplace where you can expect a steep learning curve, grow your career, be creative, and have your voice heard. Ready to meet the engineers, consultants, marketers, designers, sales extra ordinaries, accountants, administrators that all live for data? We see value in all forms of data, so come join us on our awesome data journey.

meet our family

Meet Our Founders

Pavel Doležal
CEO & Co-founder
Pavel Dolezal is a Czech entrepreneur and the CEO of Keboola, an emerging leader in agile data management and cloud transformation. He has been building companies since 1999, starting with the largest portal network, Atlas Portal. After the group was sold, he built Ataxo, one of the EU’s largest digital agencies in the performing media space. In addition, Pavel actively invests in early-stage tech companies in the EU, Brazil and the US. Pavel splits his time between the United States and Prague.
Petr Šimeček
Product Owner & Co-founder
Petr Simecek is the Founder and Head of Product at Keboola. Currently, he leads the development and product teams on Keboola Connection. He has deep knowledge of Data Analysis, KPI measuring, ETL, Data Integration OLAP and BI modeling techniques. He was previously the founder of OpenBrand, a smart data storage and toolkit for designers and creative agencies. Petr lives in Prague with his wife and two daughters.
Milan Veverka co-founder of Keboola
Milan Veverka
Co-founder & Product Marketing
Milan Veverka is a co-founder and Partner of Keboola, currently leading strategic partnerships and sales engineering. He has more than 20 years of experience with technology and data, and specializes in finding creative data solutions for the toughest business challenges. He previously worked at Disc Go Technologies as Vice President of Product and Engineering. He lives in White Rock, British Columbia with his wife and two children.

Meet the people behind the best data platform

Caitlin S.
Jakub T.
Enterprise Solution Architect
Kathleen H.
Account Executive
Leo Ch.
Enterprise Data Consultant
Magda S.
Enterprise Sales Executive
Marcus W.
Customer Success Manager
Martin F.
Head of Professional Services
Martin H.
Chief Technical Officer
Martin K.
Creative Director
Martin L.
Head of Customer Success
Michal H.
Enterprise Data Consultant
Ondrej H.
Full Stack Tinkerer
Ondrej P.
Data Scientist
Premek T.
Chief Financial Officer
Radim K.
Enterprise Data Consultant
Samuel K.
Enterprise Data Consultant
Veronika D.
Product Design
Vojta T.
Head of Development

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