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Run your data operations on a single, unified platform.

  • Easy setup, no data storage required
  • Free forever for core features
  • Simple expansion with additional credits
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Keboola puts you in full control of your data.

Your data operations as a service, not as a blocker.

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A new approach
to the Data Stack

Instead of separately selecting, acquiring, configuring and integrating endless list of technologies to build your data stack, Keboola gets you there in one platform. Stop working on your data infrastructure, and start using it instead.

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Data storage

Keboola provides elastic, scalable, secure storage for both structured and unstructured data. No decision needed, no DWH design.

Data sharing

Keboola's built-in Data Catalog makes sharing data between projects and teams secure and fast. See where the data comes from and who uses it.

Data transformation

Nothing new to learn, transformations in Keboola are based on tools any data engineer is already familiar with. Enjoy collaboration tools, version control and automation out of the box.

Data science

Whether SQL, Python, R or Julia are your tools of choice, Keboola's data science sandboxes get you straight to real work.
“Getting ramped up on Keboola was so simple; we were trained in 10 days. Keboola has also empowered the business teams by giving them access to data, so they no longer need to rely on IT. For IT, they no longer are a blocker to any new project the business teams want to pilot. Both teams now collaborate on projects together - when there is a new idea from the business team, the IT team quickly provides data.”
Head of Data EngineerinG, Home Credit Vietnam
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Enjoy the flexibility to design your workflows as you see fit. Don't be limited by one tool choice, be always prepared for the requirements - or the world - to change.
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You need enterprise-grade security and peace of mind. In Keboola that comes standard regardless of your budget or availability of experts.
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Boost your data team's productivity with Keboola provided automation of wide array of tasks both menial and more complex. Have them focus on what matters.
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Open platform

Don't settle for functionality that a vendor made for you. Use the power of the platform to build your own components and services, or even create and publish them for others.

Massive Time Savings and Productivity Gains

Amazing things happen when your team doesn't spend time on maintenance and routine tasks.
Enable people to do creative, high value work.

Connect data sources
Team size for mid-size company
Total Cost of Ownership
Time wasted on stack maintenance
1-2 hours
2-3 months
A lot


Do I need to upgrade when I want to use more functions? You get access to all the tools Keboola has to offer the moment you sign up. No need for additional security or procurement permissions. A new use case doesn’t mean spending weeks on a whole new set of rounds of IT/Security/Procurement talks.

Do Io I need my own database? Not necessarily. You can choose from three options of Keboola deployment - multi tenant, when you get the whole stack as a package, or hybrid and single-tenant deployments, where you can provide your own storage and processing capacity.

Is my data secure? Keboola is used by banks and auditors, completely secure and GDPR compliant, with SOC2 certification.

What's New at Keboola

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