Run your data operations on a single, unified platform.

  • Easy setup, no data storage required
  • Free forever for core features
  • Simple expansion with additional credits
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Effortlessly design and deploy any type of data pipeline

Introducing Keboola's visual drag ’n’ drop flow builder. Who said data pipelines need to be abstract?


Anyone can build a data pipeline

Build a pipeline or copy an existing flow with our intuitive visual flow builder in a matter of minutes. Implement a data mesh by enabling domain data owners to design pipelines and letting your data developers do the heavy lifting by adding code.

Choose your components

Simply select the components you want to use. These can be data sources, destinations, transformations, or existing flows.

Define the next steps

Are your coding skills a bit rusty? Just add placeholder transformations to your visual flow and let someone else do the rest. You can make sense of your data flow by grouping similar projects together before handing it off to your data team.

Deploy and schedule

You’ve built the data flow, and all the transformations have been added. Now it’s time to hit the “run” button to automatically execute the data pipeline, while you sit back and watch your data flow into the selected destinations.

Early users loved our visual flow builder

“From now on, I can set up the whole pipeline from one place; this is a time saver.”
“This tool enables non-technical users to work with Keboola as well; they can prepare the data pipeline and pass it on to their colleagues to check it and add technical details.”
“This tool can help you create your data pipeline quickly and easily if you don't know Keboola and don't want to go through all the modules separately.”
EVERYTHING under one roof

Why choose Keboola?

Hundreds of out-of-the-box integrations

Connect all your data from one place. This will take just minutes and a few clicks with our pre-built integrations.

Data warehouse included

Each freemium project comes with a complementary Snowflake data warehouse. But you can always connect your data warehouse of choice.

Run transformations in SQL, Python, or R

With our powerful transformation engine and built-in version control, you can set up a transformation in any of these languages and automate its execution.

Automate a data pipeline without coding

Schedule the collection or loading of data without having to use any coding. Once you’ve connected the sources and destinations, you can leave them up and running.

Easily build and deploy new integrations

Anyone can build custom integrations with just a REST API and a little bit of code. With our generic components, you can easily customize our platform with your own integrations.

User management, data lineage, version control, and more...

You'll have everything you need for running a data-driven business, all in one tool. Start with ETL, and as your data needs grow, so does Keboola. You won’t need to switch platforms or hire an expensive team.
Start for free

First 5 hours of processing time per month free of charge

Start for free today and upgrade only if and when you need to. You’ll never pay for what you don’t use, and you’ll never feel the need to replace everything and start from scratch. Billing is simple and 100% transparent.

Start a Project
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Data Heroes
Become A data hero

From zero data experience to data hero

Grow with Keboola. We’ll support you every step of the way with our excellent customer support and online courses in our Data Academy.

Find out how Matuš at Productboard became a data hero.

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