Keboola connects data, systems and people
to do their best work all in one place.

Keboola is a data operations
platform for your data team.

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    Our open architecture seamlessly plugs into your existing infrastructure and unlocks the value that is sitting within your systems in hours, not days.


    We help you analyze your organizational workflows and automate manual tasks using Machine Learning, AI or 3rd party apps so your teams can focus on innovation.


    The most regulated companies love our platform because we are obsessed with providing the highest security, governance and metadata with a full audit trail.

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How does it work?

Whether you are a startup ready to build your data strategy, an organization that needs to unblock data to flow from IT to business, or a company ready to innovate and pilot your next big project, Keboola will get you where you want to go.

All the tools you need in one place. At Keboola we have solved the procurement and administration nightmare that businesses usually face when searching for and implementing new tools. Now you can get instant access to dozens of your favorite data analytics tools, servers, and data warehouses all in one place in our app store.

Collaboration breeds success. Keboola allows people to work together on the same code in the same pipeline. Your team can build on top of each other’s successes in real-time. Since everything is versioned, nothing gets lost. We also make integration easier by allowing your tools to run in parallel, so each user has their own environment with access to all the relevant data they need in just one click.

“Keboola’s Business Data Model has transformed the way Roti thinks about its data. Our BDM has allowed us to elevate conversations from the tactical to the strategic helping us provide a scalable platform and greater business value.”

Jeff Miller, VP of Technology at Roti Modern Mediterranean

“Keboola allows us to integrate data from proprietary platforms and correlate them with data from industry-leading solutions. Keboola is a facilitator to the business in our quest to gain market intelligence. I see Keboola as an extension of our team.”

Vinh Buu, Manager of Shopper Data at Ivanhoe Cambridge

“Working with Keboola has changed how we look at data. By giving franchisees access to operational and sales performance data in one location, we are empowering them to make the decisions that are best for their business.”

Danny Walsh, VP of Reporting and Analytics at Firehouse Subs

“Keboola Connection allowed us to start super quickly building our analytics offering and focus on our strengths rather than building the underlying data processing infrastructure from scratch.”

Simon Vostry, Founder & CEO at ZOOM International

Who is Keboola for?

  • Companies just getting started on their data journey.

    If you want to build a data driven team and data infrastructure that will scale your business to the next level, Keboola’s all-in-one integrated platform will set you up for business growth.

  • Organizations ready to unlock data flow between business and IT to access insights in real time.

    If you want to unlock the value that is sitting in your existing data silos and systems and scale it through your teams. Keboola’s flow automation will get you there in days, not months.

  • Corporations who are ready to innovate and pilot with their favorite apps and brands.

    If you have been wanting to pilot a project but don’t want to build something custom, our digital sandbox gives you the ability to innovate with data and test your ideas in a secure environment.

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