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Agile banking
without friction.

Your customers and employees are your most important assets. We help you modernize their experiences in a digital age.

Financial solution of Keboola

Keboola drives outsized ROI for financial institutions.

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73.2% decrease IN time to market for new products

Collaborative work spaces empower business users to experiment with data and drive new ideas to completion.
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234% increase in data engineer productivity

With pre-built data pipelines, your data team can cover a vast array of company use-cases from risk management to customer journeys.
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3x increase in company wide productivity

Eliminate fragmented reporting - instead, generate them in one click for any department who needs it.
“Our whole team found automating data acquisition super easy. A big advantage for my team is they can collect data from any source without having to ask the developers. Getting ramped up on Keboola was so simple; we were trained in 10 days.”
Head of Data Engineering at Large Retail Bank

Monetize Data & Generate
New Revenue

While digital banking grows, branches remain the critical “last mile” into communities. Convert your external data into revenue, fast, by mapping publicly available data on your branches, for immediately actionable insight.

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Modernize Your Workforce & Systems

Data teams are expensive, difficult to hire, and challenging to retain. DataOps Automation enables Data teams to do their best and most advanced work, focusing their expertise on highest value advanced analytics.

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Create Intelligent Customer Experiences & Trust

Consumers demand responsive experiences, real-time, across all channels, and are less loyal than ever. Innovation is required to retain and win them over. Increase volume, effectiveness and innovation success.

Secure, Compliant
& Mitigated Risk

Realize the full potential of your Risk investments and expertise in mitigating loss and increasing profitability, by “productizing” your Risk models internally. Embed them anywhere in your organization, for impact.

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