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Run your data operations on a single, unified platform.

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Accelerate your path to Data Mesh with Keboola

Reduce the complexity of your data stack, break free from maintenance tasks, and focus on delivering business value. 

"The key to productivity and data maturity of an organization is the spreading of the data function and competency across the whole structure and into the departments."
Zhamak Dehghani
Data Mesh Founder

What is Data Mesh?

Everyone is talking about it. The almighty Data Mesh. The Holy Grail. With tons of articles, webinars and discussions on how to reach this seemingly unattainable goal. Does it really have to be so complicated? Actually, no. It could be pretty simple when you have the right tools. Data mesh addresses distributed data products and domains owned by independent teams, using common data infrastructure as a platform to host, prepare and serve data assets. There really are only three options
Traditional data stack. Works best for only a single-person data team.
Modern data stack. Built out of 12+ tools, complex and expensive.
Data Stack as a Service. Simple, cheap, and cooperation-friendly. Perfect for data mesh.
a New approach

Data Mesh Principles

Simplification, automation and with a focus on outcomes rather than features. All this without the substantial involvement of your technical colleagues. So let's take a brief look at how Data Stack as a Service looks like.
Self service data infrastructure as a platform
Domain-oriented decentralised data ownership and architecture
Data Product Catalogue with an ability to build further
Centralised telemetry data feed
Development Branches for seamless integration
Get started now

Data Stack as a Service

Keboola is a Data Stack as a Service platform that takes care of all of your data demands. No more granulated and disconnected data. With Keboola, you never have to worry about stitching together 10+ different tools, spending tons of money and valuable time. Focus on your data, not maintaining your infrastructure.
Bring data governance to your entire stack.
Create one-click workflows with our data templates and Build ETL/ELT and other pipelines
Easily connect data sources with more than 250 out-of-the-box connectors
Get your Data Stack as a Service Now

Data Mesh works seemlessly in Keboola with

"Keboola took a significant amount of pain out of not only better managing our data, but using it to our advantage for removing bottlenecks in our systems and creating better data people within our company."
Ilja Volf photo
Ilja Volf
Head of Data analytics and Business Intelligence, Mall Group
Preview of transofrmations in Keboola

Transformations - a safe space for your code

Transformations are automatically versioned and Keboola keeps all the metadata related with each run of your code. Get a developer environment with all the data loaded in and infrastructure automatically provided just with one click.
Events tracking in Keboola

Visualise data. Instantly.

Keeps track of all events and access control with SAPI. It creates automatic lineage for your data so you always know where it’s being used and who's using it, and where.

Strong Infrastructure

Keboola operates around 50 different pieces of infrastructure and provides it to users on demand to users in quantums via our virtual layer.

Transparent Governance

You can use our activity center to monitor user jobs and metadata or use export tools.


We conduct realtime handling inside your enterprise security systems and fetch metadata on each job to Elastic & GrahpQL.
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