New AI Features And Capabilities.
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New Features Released!
See Keboola Q2 Roadmap

Keboola for complex marketing data

  • 🔥 Collect and model all data in a central hub

  • 🔥 Unite agency and client teams

  • 🔥 Showcase ROI to your clients

You’re in great company


Save hours
on client reporting

Bring all your client’s data in one place- in a matter of seconds. Create automated workflows and push clean data into reporting toolsand other destinations. Spend more time on insightsand strategy - not manual data consolidation.

250+ out-of-the-box

Simple on-click no-code transformations

In-built Data Warehouse

End-to-end pipeline
automation and real-time alerts

Transformations in your preferred language (dbt, R, SQL, Julia, Python)

Get a jump start
with data templates

Choose from our collection of the most popular data pipelines. Start automating in minutes with a prebuilt workflow.
Try marketing templates now

Maximize your clients’ ROI with advanced analytics and data use cases

Gain client buy-in by finding answers to hard questions. Increase spend on what works and deliver maximized returns.

Stitch all of your client’s data and simplify multi-touch attribution

Find customer segments using clustering algorithms

Apply sentiment analysis algorithms

Predict future buyer behavior with forecasting models

Experiment in a safe sandbox environment

Test new data apps before making big investments

Create a secure data-sharing experience with your partners

Share data with partners while respecting customer privacy and complying with regulations.

Anonymize and aggregate data to comply with data privacy regulations

Set up a data clean room for safe and controlled data sharing

Share and link customer behavior data to improve segmentation and targeting for marketing campaigns

Enterprise-grade security, SOC 2 Certified, GDPR Compliant

Customer success story

Marketing Intelligence helped save their client 30% on marketing costs. They also increased acquisition by determining which conversion paths work best.
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Ingest and export data
across the stack

Connect the leading data and marketing platforms to move data in and out of Keboola.
See all Integrations

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