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How Olfin Car increased its sales by 760%

Discover how Olfin Car increased their revenue with the help of Keboola and Marketing BI

Customer Stories
April 7, 2022
How Olfin Car increased its sales by 760%
Discover how Olfin Car increased their revenue with the help of Keboola and Marketing BI

Olfin Car is a leading seller of new and used cars in the Czech Republic with additional services in the field of financing, authorized car service, and insurance. They have sales of up to two billion CZK and sell over 2500 cars yearly.

By combining data analysis, reporting and targeted marketing Olfin Car was able to fundamentally improve the company results both in online sales and in working with data. They ended up running all data processes in Keboola with the help of our partners Marketing BI.

The Strategy: Collect, clean and analyze data in one place

Here’s the initial strategy for increasing sales with the help of data: 

The key factor was the acquisition of all necessary data, data clean-up, and the final integration of key systems. All of this was set up in Keboola by Marketing BI and visualized in Datalook.

With the help of our partners, Olfin Car introduced:

  • Data centralization
  • Prediction of user behavior and needs
  • Competitor analysis and collecting information on market development
  • Supervision of sales team, its performance and potential
  • Advanced web analytics and web personalization
  • Accurate advertising according to customer behavior

The Use Cases: Becoming a data-driven company

Data integration 

Olfin Car connected data from three different sources - their internal data, external data and publicly available data.

BI implementation 

The BI implementation and data-driven company management resulted in: effective advertising options, more revenue, process automatization and identifying saving opportunities. 

  • Precise bidding
  • Market knowledge, precise pricing
  • Maximised lead yield
  • Targeted growth of B2B business
  • Fast and effective online sales

Competition monitoring

Being always up-to-date regarding the market situation, prices of specific cars, brands, and offers makes Olfin Car highly competitive within its field. Prospecting competition allows them to gain an overview of the market size and potential customer pool.

Effective and efficient advertising

Precise targeting is achieved through analysis of online customer behavior, information from public sources (registers) and information about clients from internal systems. 

  • Targeted advertising from the first website visit onwards
  • Identification of specific customers and adjustment of the displayed information to their personal needs (ABM)
  • Effective targeting of advertising systems in terms of spending
  • Targeted offers for specific companies and professions

Online sales

By integrating data from the external and internal databases for a particular brand (Škoda, VW) they were able to:

  • Increase the new car offer publication speed by 6x 
  • Reduced error rate 
  • Set dynamic pricing based on market situations

Predictive algorithms

With predictive algorithms, they were able to identify customer’s needs when they arrive at the website. 

Effective management

Goals are monitored via reports that indicate:

  • Growth and demand with reasons of winning or losing
  • Overview of the most successful traders and reporting of inactive contacts 
  • Business process optimization
  • KPI fulfillment for individual company centers

Every department can now get data and track goals relevant to them. Here’s what they’re tracking:

  • Management: Metric controls and company management
  • Product: Customer data, sales data and activity
  • Marketing: Marketing campaign investment effectiveness, performance and analytics
  • Finance: Cashflow, financial planning
  • Business: Sales team performance

The Results: Olfin Car achieved their goal in a single quarter

Thanks to better data visibility and improved decision making set up by Marketing BI and run on Keboola, Olfin Car managed to increase their sales by 760% in a single quarter. They have also significantly reduced costs and increased their turnover. 

Are you ready to improve your revenue? Get in touch with us and see how Keboola can boost your sales. 

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