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Run your data operations on a single, unified platform.

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Power Up Your Data Operations with Templates & SpotApps

Unlock the 7 benefits of Templates and SpotApps by cutting time-to-insights from months to minutes.

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October 26, 2022
Power Up Your Data Operations with Templates & SpotApps
Unlock the 7 benefits of Templates and SpotApps by cutting time-to-insights from months to minutes.

Gaining insights from your data can be time-consuming. Or as simple as a few clicks. Depending on if you want to do everything by yourself, or if you let us help.

For example, next time one of your stakeholders asks: “Can you deliver the dashboards by the end of next week?” 

You can say yes with confidence, and in this blog we are going to show you why and how it is done. 

Keboola and ThoughtSpot partnered up to solve the problem and offer out-of-the-box, end-to-end insight engines that fuel your growth. Now business teams can tap into advanced analytics with 0 help from the IT department.

But first… what’s the challenge with the current data landscape?

Problem: The Modern Data Stack (MDS) is too complex

The Modern Data Stack makes transforming raw data into insights unnecessarily difficult. 

From multiple tools that hate working together to constant maintenance and lack of technical resources; wrangling and engineering data is a bit of a nightmare. 

Even when you have clean data, you also need to catalog it, define and build metrics, and engineer dashboards that can showcase the insights hidden behind the 1s and 0s.

Solution: Keboola’s Templates and ThoughtSpot’s SpotApps build insights machine in minutes

Instead of building data pipelines yourself to deliver data, rely on Keboola’s Use Case Templates. Access advanced analytics without having to wait on the engineering or IT departments. 

Configure a Template in a couple of clicks, and the Template will automatically extract raw data from a data source, clean it, aggregate it, compute metrics, model it into tables and save it to the data warehouse of your choice. And share data with ThoughtSpot for visualization. From raw data to actionable clean, visualized data in minutes. 

Is this data heaven? Nope, just the future. And the future is here now!

*Keboola doing the heavy lifting of setting up data architecture and delivering data to ThoughtSpot, which then prepares data visualizations. 

The multiple use cases of Templates and SpotApps

Each Template and SpotApp is pre-made with bespoke analytic use cases, centered around the industry best practices, trends, and needs of data practitioners.

Keboola Templates and ThoughtSpot SpotApps offer you:

  1. Google Analytics. Don't limit yourself to standard reports. Drill down into answers brought to you by advanced reports and gain deeper insights into levers that convert your web traffic into customers.
  2. Hubspot. Uncover the marketing trends and audience behavior. Get the knowledge to personalize content to your email base.
  3. Shopify. Streamline your e-commerce operations with dynamic customer segments, product trends, margins, RMF analytic tools, and customer lifetime value analysis.

Templates and SpotApps are game changers for your data operations.

Check out the insights machines you can unlock with Keboola and ThoughtSpot in the product announcement

Or try it for yourself right now.

You can also watch the step-by-step demo on how to set up your Data Templates.

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The 8 ways you can supercharge your data operations with Templates and SpotApps  

Benefit #1: Set up an insight machine in minutes

Moving from a question to a fully-fledged AI-driven insights machine takes months with the modern data stack.

Keboola’s Templates take minutes to configure and launch, providing ready-to-use data in a heartbeat - no need to dip into your own engineering and DevOps resources. 

ThoughtSpot’s SpotApps set up and launch Liveboards that are equipped with AI-driven SearchIQ to answer the most common industry questions (and equip you with the tools to answer ad hoc queries) in minutes.

Cutting the data lifecycle from months to minutes gives you the edge over your competition and frees up your resources for more revenue-generating activities.

Benefit #2: Empower everyone to make better decisions

In the traditional data world, a business question triggers a domino effect. 

The business stakeholder asks a question. Analysts pick up the question and decide how to compute metrics to answer it. Scientists need to model data to support metric computation. And engineers need to construct data pipelines to provide that data.

A simple question introduces a lot of delays and dependencies.

With Keboola and ThoughtSpot, anyone can ask questions and get answers without needing to rely on limited technical resources. 

This is data democratization at your fingertips. 

Benefit #3: Fully automate end-to-end data lifecycles

Manual data workflows - for analytic or engineering pipelines - often result in hidden human errors and time-consuming bug chasing to resolve them.

With end-to-end automatization of data lifecycles, you’re less likely to introduce human errors to your data operations and avoid tedious and repetitive tasks.

Automation helps you to guarantee a smooth and higher standard of data quality and consistency while making your entire DataOps much more resilient.

Benefit #4: Make your workflows portable and reusable

Both Keboola and ThoughtSpot have made their solutions fully portable.

You can develop a Keboola Template that handles data engineering as a proof-of-concept (POC). Once you validate it, you can move it from the staging branch to the QA or production branch.

The ability to click and launch end-to-end workflows also enables you to tear down silos between different stakeholders in your company. A successful analytics pipeline developed by one team can quickly be picked up and reused by another team for their project. 

Benefit #5: Fully customizable

Keboola’s Templates and ThoughtSpot’s SpotApps provide you with a massive head start. But you can always open up the pre-made solutions and fully customize them to suit your needs.

The platforms scale and grow with you, without vendor lock-in stifling your growth.

Benefit #6: Everything is versioned

Every touchpoint and change is versioned in Keboola and ThoughtSpot. 

This allows you to understand how business concepts have evolved, roll back an unsuccessful change to the previous version, and quickly identify who made what change when you need to track a bug to its root cause.

Benefit #7: Skip straight to insights without owning infrastructure

Most BI and data engineering tools look great on paper… until you realize you need a team of data engineers to even use them.

That’s not the case with Keboola and ThoughtSpot. Both platforms are designed for you to bring your own data stack, without needing to introduce new infrastructure that would inflate your data operations costs and add complexity.

Benefit #8: Secured. All the way.

Templates and SpotApps are native features of Keboola and ThoughtSpot. They are governed by all the data security mechanisms offered by the platforms. So you can rest assured your data is fully protected. 

With Templates and SpotApps you access end-to-end encryption of data at rest and in transit, get the power to manage data access and sharing on a granular and role-based level, and make sure your data operations are compliant with GDPR and the other regulations. And those are just some of the many security features protecting your data.

Run a 100% data-driven business without any extra hassle. Pay as you go, starting with our free tier.

Streamline your data operations today

Getting started is simple. You need to have an account with Keboola and ThoughtSpot.

Start by logging in to your Keboola account. 

No Keboola account? No problem! Keboola offers a free tier (no credit card required) to support your data initiatives. Check it out.

After you’re logged in, navigate to Use Cases in the navigation dashboard and pick the Template that you want to test out.

There’s no need to swipe your credit card or own a Snowflake instance (Keboola provisions one for you, free of charge).

Check what Templates can offer for free and connect your data sources in minutes.

Start today.

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