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Run your data operations on a single, unified platform.

  • Easy setup, no data storage required
  • Free forever for core features
  • Simple expansion with additional credits
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Turn your data into value. Instantly.

User friendly data templates at your fingertips. Keboola & ThoughtSpot launched joint TML blocks and SpotApps for all data-driven business users. Start leveraging insights from your business applications today. Just fill an easy form below, and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Keboola is an award-winning data platform as a service that simplifies your data operations and empowers you with better (and faster) data insights. 
Keboola is a leader in Data Extraction on G2 Keboola is a leader in Enterprise Data Extraction on G2 Keboola is a leader in ETL Tools on G2 Keboola is a leader in Data Replication on G2 Keboola is a leader in DataOps Platforms on G2 Keboola is a leader in Enterprise ETL Tools on G2 Keboola is a leader in Big Data Integration Platforms on G2 Users love Keboola on G2

Replace your gut feeling with data-driven insights

Without having to build your own business intelligence ecosystem. Currently available Keboola’s Use Case Templates and ThoughtSpot's SpotApps are:
Don't limit yourself to standard reports. Drill down into answers brought to you by advanced reports and gain deeper insights into levers that convert your web traffic into customers.
Uncover the marketing trends and audience behavior. Get the knowledge to personalize content to your email base.
Streamline your e-commerce operations with dynamic customer segments, product trends, margins, RMF analytic tools, and customer lifetime value analysis.

Run winning campaigns

Fuel your company's growth by using Keboola’s Use Case Templates to build data pipelines, and ThoughtSpot’s SpotApps to visualize that data. The next step is to follow your curiosity, all the way to a maximized ROI.
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Get started in minutes

Keboola offers a free tier and ThoughtSpot has a generous free trial, so you can take Templates and SpotApps for a spin without ever sharing your credit card details. Prepare your questions and drill down to get your answers with our easy-to-set-up, even easier-to-use solution.

Why business teams love Keboola

“Keboola has empowered our business teams by giving them access to data, so they no longer need to rely on IT. For IT, they are no longer a blocker to any new project the business teams want to pilot.”
Head of data engineering
Home Credit Vietnam

The best companions for your data analytics journey

Keboola is a data platform as a service that handles all data demands, freeing your best people from repetitive, data-related tasks. A fully customizable solution, Keboola features plug-and-play integrations, data templates with complete data governance, user management, and 24/7 support. Keboola simplifies data complexity, empowering users to connect and orchestrate hundreds of integrations and tools in hours, not days. 
ThoughtSpot delivers Live Analytics for your modern data stack – empowering your colleagues, partners, and customers to turn data into actionable insights. Whether you’re using the ThoughtSpot application, embedding insights into apps like Google Sheets and Slack, or building entirely new data products, ThoughtSpot’s Modern Analytics Cloud will help you build your business on data.
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