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Keboola is Now Officially Powered by Snowflake

Enabling users with easy data access via cloud solutions.

October 17, 2022
Keboola is Now Officially Powered by Snowflake
Enabling users with easy data access via cloud solutions.

Keboola is proud to announce that it has joined the Powered by Snowflake program. Keboola and Snowflake have been working hand in hand for some time now. Both companies were founded around the same time, and since the very beginning of Keboola, Snowflake has driven many of the Keboola platform’s key elements, making the platform the mighty power tool it is today.

Keboola – Data Platform as a Service, helps users accelerate data projects by delivering a ready-to-use managed platform that includes all the technologies a data team needs. This enables everyone to capitalize on Snowflake’s capabilities and acts as an avenue to the incredible modern no-maintenance and no-code solution. Together, the two platforms provide a fully-scalable solution with hundreds of native apps and enterprise-grade security through one, user-friendly data platform as a service.

As Tony Young, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Snowflake, said:

 “After years of collective success, we are thrilled to announce that Keboola is now a Powered by Snowflake partner. Considering the long-standing relationship between the two companies, this next step is not only natural but exhilarating. The future is open to what Keboola and Snowflake can achieve together.”

Keboola and Snowflake: better together

This partnership is driven by a common ambition: to enable users with reliable and easy access to data via cloud solutions. Users can benefit from:

  • Acceleration of data automation use cases: Features like data automation and flow builder make Keboola’s data platform an ideal solution to get companies up and running quickly. Keboola integrates with a company’s existing infrastructure, making setup a breeze. Users can invest in Keboola without fear of vendor lock-in and other strings attached.
  • Focusing on value, not maintenance: Keboola is structured to be the teammate you never knew you needed, simplifying your to-do list rather than adding to it. Clear maintenance off the table with pre-built data templates & re-usable data products, automation of processes and data flows. Users can get the results they need in record time with virtually no platform maintenance.
  • Unlocking new possibilities: Every day, companies are finding new ways to capitalize on Keboola tools and resources. We keep plugging in new core integrations, so you never miss any new tool, while still staying inside one data platform. Keboola is a customizable solution that also allows you to use it as a center of your BDM and build your company's platform like many already did.

The power of success

Keboola and Snowflake both have a history of driving customers to greater success. Startups and industry leaders alike have been trusting the Keboola platform for years. The results have skyrocketed productivity and profitability, driving company-wide success. Check out these examples to find out how:

How Mall Group accelerated feature development

Before Keboola, Mall Group, the leading e-commerce group in Central Europe, suffered from inefficient data-related processes. Engineers would write code, only for their work to get bottlenecked in the “review” stage. 

With the newly found freedom with Keboola, teams can work on multiple objectives without bottlenecks and delays. These days, Mall Group has the capacity to support 100+ engineers with one system. Plus, the Keboola platform has enabled the company to produce 400+ data products and features per year, raising revenues by seven figures and counting.

How Harri tripled its team power

“Without Keboola, we would need a team 3x the size to get the same amount of work done.”

Matt Lukowski, Director of Advanced Analytics at Harri.

Harri, a leading workforce management platform, hit the nail on the head. To deliver their new data product, Harri IQ, they needed a larger team or a powerful data platform. Lucky for them, the best solution is the more affordable one: the Keboola Platform.

A perfect fit

Together, Keboola and Snowflake have already achieved incredible results. By becoming Powered by Snowflake, the partnership will drive results to new levels, helping companies be even more productive while pushing customer satisfaction and profits to new heights. These results would not be possible without Snowflake — the driving force behind many of Keboola’s best features.

Contact us if you want to learn more about Keboola and how it can drive your company’s growth.

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