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Harri: Without Keboola, we would need a team 3x the size to get the same amount of work done.

Learn how Harri built a new data product called Harri IQ with just 3 ingredients: Keboola, ThoughtSpot, and Snowflake.

Customer Stories
June 20, 2022
Harri: Without Keboola, we would need a team 3x the size to get the same amount of work done.
Learn how Harri built a new data product called Harri IQ with just 3 ingredients: Keboola, ThoughtSpot, and Snowflake.

Harri is a leading workforce management platform transforming the employee experience. The technology platform is purpose-built for the hospitality industry. With solution modules that span the entire employee lifecycle, Harri helps source, retain and engage the talented people who deliver the customer experience. 

In 2022 Harri launched an exciting new data product - Harri IQ. It allows users to deep dive into the data with automated live boards and sophisticated search capabilities. 

Harri IQ empowers users with self-service insights at their fingertips without the need for any assistance from engineers. It also opened up new data-driven possibilities, such as machine learning, fuelled talent acquisition and predictive analytics for activating the existing workforce.

The best part about it? 

Although extremely powerful, it is built with just three ingredients: Keboola, ThoughtSpot, and Snowflake.

We jumped on a call with Matt Lukowski, Director of Advanced Analytics at Harri, to speak about this exciting product, Keboola’s and ThoughtSpot’s role in it, and how they managed to take it from an idea to a shippable product in three months.

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Build data products in days instead of months and focus on what really matters - delivering value to your customers.

The story began at the intersection of tech and hospitality

Matt dramatically changed the path of his career around 8 years ago when he moved from operations to technology. It was about the same time when he became one of the first adopters of Keboola, he likes to say ‘Keboola made him a much better data person’. Seven years later, after spending the time growing his data experience, he joined Harri with a mission to build a new breed of business intelligence solution that will change and transform the way hospitality leaders and managers interact with and use the data.

His vision and mission would not be possible without Keboola. Harri’s data architecture was reimagined from the ground up, introducing the concept of the adaptable and flexible business data model with the need of the service industry in mind. 

"In order to provide our clients with a rich view of their business health, and to allow them to mine the treasure trove of transactional, employee, and operational data that is often hard to reach, we made Keboola an integral part of our infrastructure, defining the service industry in the language of data that everyone in the company understands"

To keep the momentum going every new Harri data team member is fully trained and certified on Keboola.

So what did Keboola do to help Harri turn their vision into a state-of-the-art data product?

Harri iQ platform showing active job vacancies

How exactly does Keboola fit into this story?

To build the next-gen data product you need…surprise, surprise…the data. But having only the right ingredients in your kitchen doesn’t make you a great chef. You need to know how to put them together and how to turn them into a culinary masterpiece, everyone will be asking for more. 

The domain expertise is a must-have. It not only accelerates the process, and activates your actions, but also allows you to know what your end-users requirements are, and how to exceed your customers’ expectations. 

"Having such a wide spectrum of compatible products at Harri, we have a lot of data living in our systems - this may seem like a blessing. However, focusing only on what is important and relevant, knowing the industry inside-out, and being aware of what drives actions in hospitality, is the only key to success"

Harri and Keboola’s journey started with getting the operational data in order, and building the previously mentioned business data model. 

"Data acquisitions and modeling the workflows came next and once the model was fed with data, we were able to provide internal and external outputs, not only to feed into our own embedded Analytics but also to provide custom exports, and utilise the data for our data science applications like profile matching, employee satisfaction and demand forecasting"

Keboola also empowers the AI teams to use Python capabilities to build predictive forecasting which is then fed back into Harri’s software to generate the employees’ intelligent schedules. It helps Harri’s clients to optimise the workflows and assures the high demand of sales, guests and that the menu items are balanced with the correct level of staffing. Harri’s customers, rather than worrying about being under and over staffed, can then focus on what they can do the best - serving their guests with a smile. 

When asked ‘why Keboola and not other solutions’, Matt was adamant that the all-in-one solution was the only one Harri considered for their ambitious goals.

"Keboola is extremely flexible, it allows you to connect to multiple sources, transform and generate the output in hours rather than weeks. It is easy to use, and very user-friendly, so it's not only for tech teams. Product, implementation, and solutions may also have access to its intuitive UI and take advantage of functionalities"
Harri iQ platform showing active applicants

How are Keboola and ThoughtSpot driving product development?

Matt described the partnership as a perfect combination. Keboola has built the entire data stack for Harri IQ, creates data acquisitions, modeling workflows and automates the processes, ThoughtSpot turns Harri IQ into searchable, AI-powered analytics tools making insights as easy to generate as Google is to search, with no analyst required. 

"Front-line managers and senior leaders alike can easily visualise and share operations data and use it to drive recruitment, business, and labor decisions. Harri IQ is a new breed of business intelligence built specifically for the service industry. Users can explore, analyse, and act on data like never before"

Harri IQ is just one component of Harri’s big data strategy. That strategy is to take advantage of the vast amount of data that originates on or moves through the platform so that Harri can continue to add value to their customers. 

To access and make this data usable, Harri needed to build out a powerful, scalable data infrastructure. This is why combination of Keboola and ThoughtSpot for this use case is so vital.

Harri iQ platform showing Job vacancies graph

The vision of Harri IQ

Harri IQ is an enterprise business intelligence platform that enables users to model, analyse, and explore data so that they can share insights across the organisation and collaborate to drive better business outcomes. Some examples include:

  • View applicant drop-off rates across various stages of the application process and identify the reasons behind it 
  • View applicants by qualification by job and location to determine if job postings are attracting the right kinds of candidates
  • Compare the volume and quality of applicants over time and across different locations to identify trends in sourcing candidates for specific positions over time
  • Compare the time-to-hire and overall quality of applicants by various sourcing methods so the clients know where to spend advertising dollars
  • Activating the best teams for the job by deploying advanced predictive analytics to forecast demand for operational hands-on-deck, optimize schedules and proactively build skillsets needed for tackling the dynamic workforce challenges. 

All of these areas can be answered with a small subset of the data, however, it is hard to connect the dots on your own.

Another benefit of Harri using Keboola includes utilization of data for external uses. It helps to bring the data together, cross-link it, and enrich it, so it can assist with all the hospitality business questions. With Keboola, Harri has the flexibility of providing the data in any sort of format, in any sort of way, with any sort of columns and frequency of delivering that data that clients have requested. Creating custom exports has never been that simple and quick to deliver, says Matt.

And for all the curious ones - here's a short video of how Harri works with Keboola.

Keboola is more than a tool - it is part of the team

Harri views Keboola as more than just a tool. It helps the entire data team build products faster and focus on what really matters - delivering value to their customers. Without Keboola helping with the heavy lifting, Harri would have needed a team triple in size. They would have needed separate people working with databases, devoted team members working on the transformations, and specialised resources allocated to the different parts of the ETL pipeline. Instead, Keboola automates all those tasks, and allows Team Harri to work on features that delight and add value to their customers.

Here's what one of their customers has to say about Harri IQ: 

“Using Harri IQ means I can filter our reporting by country, by hotel and by offices.I can give a detailed customised dashboard to our senior leadership team which gives them a high level overview of what’s going on. In my Talent Acquisition role I have far more awareness of what is happening in terms of hotel recruitment throughout EMEA which gives me the confidence to challenge hiring managers if I need to but it also gives them the visibility to hire far more easily.” Daniela Muller - Talent Acquisition Manager EMEA, Radisson Hotel Group

Let's finish with Matt's final thoughts on Keboola: 

"It feels like Keboola and I have grown together, working with their platform for the last 8 years, I have been taken on a journey and have been invited to a true partnership. It would be hard without Keboola as their team made me a better data person. Now, every Keboolian is also a member of my team"

To learn more about understanding data at scale, and improving data literacy, you can tune in to the podcast recording where Matt shared his insights at the Beyond 2022 conference.

And to explore how Keboola can help you build a revolutionary product in just a few months, reach out to our data experts.

Ready to use Keboola to accelerate your product as well? Reach out and let’s explore the opportunities.

Harri at EmPower Online

At our user conference in March 2023, Matt shared the need for better visibility and monitoring of their data processes due to the growing number of snowflake credits.

With the help of our sales engineer, they implemented Keboola’s Activity center which enabled them to optimize their credit consumption, resulting in 30% cost savings.

Listen to the full presentation for all the details and to learn what questions can the Activity center answer for you.

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