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Unlock the Future of Data Education with Keboola's Cloud-Powered Learning Platform

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Empower Your Data Curriculum

Keboola is the ultimate companion for educators in data-oriented programs. Whether you're teaching SQL, Python, or data science, our platform provides the ideal environment for students to learn and practice their skills.

Data Experience

Keboola helps to provide students with hands-on data experience. Its efficient data integration simplifies the use of various real-world datasets, enhancing lesson engagement and relevance. It also saves time and effort, allowing you to reuse projects and tests for teaching efficiency.

Easy Homework Management

Keboola streamlines homework assignments. Easily distribute assignments to your students, and our system tracks submissions and evaluates correctness, saving you time and ensuring fair assessment.

Instant Feedback for Improvement

Provide instant feedback to your learners. With Keboola, you can review student work quickly, helping them understand their mistakes and encouraging continuous improvement.

Data Toolkit

Keboola offers a comprehensive suite of tools for data analysis and manipulation. From data cleaning to advanced analytics, it's an all-in-one platform for your teaching needs.


Promote collaboration among students. Keboola allows for group projects and shared data workspaces, fostering teamwork and peer learning.

Stay Current with Industry Trends

Keep your curriculum on the cutting edge with the latest industry tools and practices. Keboola evolves with the data landscape, ensuring that your students are well-prepared for their future careers.

Secure and Compliant

Rest easy knowing that your students' data is secure and compliant with data privacy regulations. We prioritize data security, so you can focus on teaching.

Customize to Your Needs

Tailor Keboola to your specific program requirements. It's flexible and adaptable to various teaching approaches and course structures.

Join Educators Worldwide

Join a community of educators worldwide who are using Keboola to enhance their data-oriented programs. Discover new teaching methods and share your expertise. Unlock the full potential of your data-focused curriculum with Keboola. Empower your students with practical skills, streamline homework management, and stay at the forefront of data education. Join the Keboola community today.

No Installation Required

Keboola operates entirely in the cloud, eliminating the need for complex software installations. You and your students can access our powerful data platform anywhere and anytime, with just an internet connection. Say goodbye to installation hassles and hello to seamless, hassle-free data education.

Reach out to us for more information
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