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Keboola in Marketplaces

Sign up to Keboola through the marketplaces to avoid the hassle of paperwork, NDAs, security checks, and get started with your data projects right away.

Data Streams

The new API enables fast data ingestion from any system directly to Keboola storage without the need to set any component.

Keboola in GCP - Control plane & Data plane

Deploy Keboola to your environment. Get the visibility of your infrastructure and the flexibility of having multiple clouds.

Native data types

This feature eliminates manual data type definitions or updates by the user, ensuring that data types are seamlessly and accurately maintained throughout the pipeline.

BigQuery backend

Deploy Keboola on the Google cloud and store the data in directly in BigQuery.


Write and execute SQL, Scala and Java code directly on Snowflake data.

Side Menu

A vertical menu located on the side of the screen.


Integrate Teradata Vantage as a backend to iterate faster and streamline your data operations.

CLI & Data templates

ML/AI Services

A unified and collaborative environment for machine learning workflows.

AI for error messages & descriptions

Get clear descriptions of what’s now working and how to fix it. Let AI do the hard work of reading code and technical errors to save time and accelerate development.

Data Apps

Create interactive web apps to help end users analyze massive amounts of data and take action. Use the GIT repository, add raw code, or skip a few steps with pre-built data apps.

Read Only Storage

Instantly access tables in storage without manual input mapping. Just one click grants you access to all data in the storage and reduces the transformation execution time.

External buckets

Connect data from your Snowflake to Keboola in seconds without needing to set up an extractor.

An alternative AI service

This option enables you to utilize an alternative AI provider, specifically Azure AI. Once enabled, all AI features will utilize an enterprise-ready service and machine learning models.

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By incorporating feedback from our users into the product development process, we aim to create a solution that perfectly meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Based on the stellar user reviews on the peer-to-peer review marketplace G2 - our efforts are paying off! 
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