Impact AI

Private Beta

Impact AI empowers users with comprehensive data lineage capabilities and AI-powered insights. Identify cause of malfunction quickly, make informed decisions and maximize the business value of your data.

Impact ai

Possible Use Cases

Detect and prevent Impacts on production

Detect changes that could impact production

Detect disabling configurations that could affect downstream processes

Tag responsible parties for outages and ensure accountability


Cost optimization and efficiency

Identify opportunities for cost optimization

Flag unused tables

Track data lineage and calculate daily costs for running tables

Calculate increased costs for hourly computation

Oversee frequency of data updates

Determine bottlenecks

How does Impact AI work?

Static analysis and machine learning
on top of the metadata in your Keboola organization.
Complete view of data lineage across all of your Keboola projects.
Root cause analysis and impact analysis, visualized across all data flows.

Empower your team!

Impact AI enables your business for increased efficiency, enhanced data security and better decision via predictable outcomes.

Data Analyst

Discover data, understand lineage, and improve data quality.

Data Engineer

Identify performance bottlenecks, optimize costs, and enhance data security.

Data Scientist

Gain insights from data, build predictive models, and automate data analysis tasks.

Business Technologist

Make data-driven decisions, access relevant information, and collaborate effectively.

What are the perks?

It’s fast

Reduced data preparation and analysis time.

It’s lightweight

Optimized performance and cost savings.

It’s business-critical

Improved decision-making and business outcomes.

It’s accurate

Increased data accuracy, consistency and data visibility.

This feature is not yet publicly available

The Impact AI feature is currently in invite-only Private Beta availability. If you are an existing enterprise customer and would like to be included in this Private Beta, please reach out to your Account Executive.

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