Run your data operations on a single, unified platform.

  • Easy setup, no data storage required
  • Free forever for core features
  • Simple expansion with additional credits
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Freemium account features

Keboola includes all the key features you need to build a complete data stack in one platform

of data source integrations

No need to combine several ETL tools, Keboola connects to essentially any database, API or file data source. If a particular component is missing, it is easy to create it with a generic API extractor.

Integrated pipeline automation, management and monitoring

Set up orchestrations with a simple UI in minutes. Whole processes can be then triggered via a scheduler, events or an API call - whichever fits your needs the best! Detailed centralized logging, monitoring and notifications are a given.

Developer friendly, open, expandable platforms

Keboola is developer friendly, rich with open APIs for full programmability and expandability of the system. Whether it is building your own components or making Keboola an integral part of more complex data environments, there’s no limit to what you can do!

Native SQL and Python transformations

Is raw data not to your liking? Use the powerful transformation engine to shape the received data as needed for sharing or to fit their intended use.

Built in data storage

While you can bring your own database, Keboola includes fully managed Snowflake capacity built in. That means no need for separate database administration, as Keboola automates all those tasks. Keboola Storage UI offers an effective way for rapid data discovery as well as access to the metadata, data lineage etc.

Unlimited data destination

Why bring another tool just to push data into transactional systems? Keboola’s writer library includes everything from databases to CRM, e-mail and add platforms integrations, as well as generic tools to write into any REST API. Run your reverse ETL flows from the same platform!

Keboola Pricing
Free Plan (Pay as you go)
Free forever
Start now
  • 120 free minutes the first month, 60 free minutes every following month and 14 cents per additional minute
  • Included Features:
  • Unlimited ETL/ELT workflows
  • SQL, Python Transformations
  • Analytical workspaces (SQL, Python)
  • Extra Small Snowflake backend
  • Orchestration automation

    250 GB of data storage included
Data Craft
€49 user/month´
Starting analytics
Start now
600 minutes each month
then $0.125 per minute
Includes all from Free plan+
Scaffolds - data pipeline recipes
Premium components
Small Snowflake backend
Limited to one project only
Data Teams
€79 user/month
For analytics and data science teams that love to work together
Start now
600 minutes each month
then $0.125 per minute
Includes all from Data Craft +
Data Science workspaces with Py, R, Julia
Time based & Event based Orchestrations
DataCatalogue & sharing
Dedicated support
70 Time Credits
Unlimited projects
coming soon
Boost backends per job
Enterprise Contract
Contact us for pricing
from $150 user/month
from $2,500user/annually
from €126 user/month
from €1,134 user/annually
Change your entire organization through data
Contact us
  • Subscription packages available for any needs
  • Everything from the Free Plan, plus additional features:
  • Multiple projects and Data Catalog
  • R, Julia Transformations and Workspaces, Spark and MLFlow
  • Public/Private and Hybrid cloud deployments, region and cloud provider selection
  • Audit centre & per user rights & limits
  • Multi-cloud & Hybrid - utilize your own storage and cloud or legacy infrastructure
  • Public/Private cloud
  • SOC 2 type II certification, GDPR & HIPAA compliance
  • Active Directory/SAML integration
  • Different backend options (Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery, Synapse)
  • Predictive ML based user support
  • Enterprise SLA
We just discovered Keboola a few days ago, but it has already filled a huge gap in our data stack. I anticipate us migrating most of our data automations to Keboola in the coming months.
Jordan Burger, Data Analyst @ ASCEND
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