Bring Your Own Database


Already have your database in Snowflake or BigQuery? Connect it with Keboola and start working on your data projects within seconds!

Plug And Play

With external datasets we are saving companies months of work spent on migration or setting up new storages. No need to pay for timely extraction either.

No lengthy extraction

Do you have a storage of hundreds of GB that needs to be a part of the data project? No problem. Previously complicated and costly process is now achieved in seconds.

No migration

We don't need you to migrate. Keep your data warehouse, plug it in and do not change a thing.

What are the perks?

Lightning Fast Set-up

Connect any DB scheme to Keboola Storage within seconds, bypassing the need to set up and run an extractor.

Cost Efficiency

This feature is available at no additional cost, offering significant savings for businesses managing large volumes of data.


Integrate existing data and immediately start working on data transformations and analytics.

Do you need this for your business?

Improved Integration Across Platforms

To further support the concept of "Bring Your Own Database" our External Datasets functionality is now generally available to all Keboola projects and supports also BigQuery.

Enhanced External Datasets Function

After several months of initial use cases with Snowflake data warehouse, the External Datasets functionality was improved based on experience and feedback.

Business Benefits

This feature is especially useful for companies with large-scale data. By bypassing the traditional setup, clients can connect to Keboola in seconds, streamlining processes and enhancing operational efficiency.


Own data warehouse in Snowflake or BigQuery.

Speed up your data operations

Enable your teams to start working immediately.

Data Analyst

All data quickly available for analysing and transformations.

Data Engineer

No need to manually set up extractors to transfer the data.

Data Scientist

Start with experiments without waiting for engineer team to set up data storage.

Business Technologist

Enable for rapid prototyping using all company's dataset.

Generally Available

This feature is available by default to all Keboola projects.

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  • AI-driven capabilities
  • Enhanced control, performance, and visibility across all your data operations.
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