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Both simple and
complex pipelines

We're great in running one simple container connecting data from your PostgreDB to cloud DWH and also great in scheduling very complex data pipelines processing mass amount of data in near-realtime.

Stop debugging
your ETL

Let us operate your whole data pipeline. If something wrong happen, we'll detect anomaly behavior and provide you best in class metadata and logs with context.

Start with first flow
in minutes

Deploy your pipeline in python/sql from within your Github repo or use predefined templates in our UI.

No vendor

We're fully transparent. Our codebase is open. You can use fully hosted Keboola. Or let us deploy and operate Keboola in your cloud env. Or your can run Keboola in your cloud env fully on your own for free. Or you can run just selected jobs in your k8s.
Or ... see, any option is possible :)

Code or no-code?
Up to you

We're API first platform. Our UI cover 100% of API methods. You can build and maintain whole business logic in Keboola as a code or let your users use our stunning UI... or both in parallel.

We scale it up & down
for you

We're your automated datastack. Heroku for DataPipelines. You control code and CI/CD, we Operate the TEST and PRODUCTION.

Any ETL size you can imagine. You decide!

Simple lookup Google Sheet
 to Snowflake?
Use predefined templates or build your own in under 1 minutes of work.
Run customer 360 project in medium size bank in EU?
Manage roles in IDM, login via Active Directory, shuffle data between internal warehouses, data lake and other sources and many more.
Active Users
Active Projects
Moved TBs every day

Run a 100% data-driven business without any extra hassle.
Pay as you go, starting with the free tier.

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