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Run your data operations on a single, unified platform.

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Keboola, the platform that automates Data Lineage

Trace where your data came from and where it is going with all the touchpoints and transformations in between. Automatically integrated with OpenLineage tools. All while you build your data pipelines in Keboola, without any additional work.

“Keboola is a no-brainer. It will help you automate most, if not all of your daily tasks, from day one”
Michal Pich Photo
Digital Strategies Architect at Archetix
“Our previous solution was simply not allowing us to cover the amount of ground we needed to move at the speed we wanted. We needed autonomy more than anything so our engineers weren’t hindered by limited systems.”
Ilja Volf photo
Ilja Volf
Mall Group’s Head of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
“Keboola allowed us to focus on being innovative and not worry about whether our toolset would be able to keep up with us.”
Honza Felt Photo
Vinh Buu
Manager of Shopping Data

What is Data Lineage?

Ever found yourself trying to figure out where an error is coming from or how exactly a metric is computed? This is where Data Lineage comes in. It is the process of tracing data as it flows through your tools and data systems. Data Lineage records your data’s pathway from its source through its destination while marking every touchpoint and change in between.
Trust Your Data
Full transparency of where the data is sourced from, how it is transformed, and what role it plays in your important metrics fuels your team with more trust in the data they use for decision-making.
Discover and Solve Issues Faster
Identify errors by tracing them to their root. Follow the pathway your data traveled from end to end to identify where the issues started. Save time on manual analysis and debugging.
Stay on Top of Regulatory Compliance
From GDPR to Basel, regulatory compliance mandates the traceability of data. Save time on legal requirements by adopting tools that do the heavy lifting for you.

Keboola Comes With Built-In Integration with OpenLineage Tools

A lot of data lineage tools work separately from your data engineers. Data engineers build ETL and ELT pipelines and then link their outputting metadata to your lineage tool as an afterthought. Which results in an additional Jira ticket in their already busy schedules. With Keboola, you can build data lineage alongside.
Track As You Build
Full transparency of where the data is sourced from, how it is No need for additional tracing solutions. As you build your data pipelines with Keboola, the platform automatically logs every data touch, activity, and transformation., and what role it plays in your important metrics fuels your team with more trust in the data they use for decision-making.
Bring Your Own Tools
Got your own Data Lineage Tooling that you really love? Not a problem. Keboola integrates seamlessly with other data lineage tools via the OpenLineage Framework.
End-To-End Coverage
From the first extraction step to the last saving data point, Keboola fully telemeters every data touchpoint - from users to jobs and every automation in between.

The Adventages of the OpenLineage Framework

Keboola follows the OpenLineage framework for its own data lineage tracking. This enables all users to plug-and-play their lineage tools. But there are other advantages to relying on the OpenLineage framework.
Transparent and Open
OpenLineage is an open framework. This means all its inner workings, framework, logic, and code are fully transparent. No hidden surprises, unclear and murky practices, or vendor lock-in. You can always take your lineage tracing and move it to a different tech stack.
Unifying Instrumentation
Before OpenLineage, each job, warehouse, SQL engine, or analytic toolset had its own standard for collecting and sharing metadata. OpenLineage unifies the standards, with no extra work needed to assure backward compatibility.
Fully Extensible
Tracing isn’t limited to job schedulers anymore. OpenLineage also empowers you to trace changes on your datasets. Need additional info? Easily extend tracing with facets, additional metadata that can be attached to either a job, dataset, or run to further describe these objects

Data Stack as a Service

Keboola is a Data Stack as a Service platform that takes care of all of your data demands. Automate your ETL and ELT pipeline building. Trace data lineage. Empower your analysts and data scientists with all the tools they need. From a single platform. 

No more granulated and disconnected data. With Keboola, you never have to worry about stitching together 10+ different solutions, spending tons of money and valuable time. Focus on your data, not maintaining your infrastructure.
Bring data governance to your entire stack. From tracing data lineage to managing metadata.
Create one-click workflows with our data templates and Build ETL/ELT and other pipelines.
Easily connect data sources and destinations with more than 250 out-of-the-box connectors.
Get your Data Stack as a Service Now
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