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Power up your business teams with self-serve data and free data engineers to focus on strategic projects. 

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From scale-ups to enterprises, companies of every size trust Keboola to solve their data challenges.

What Are Data Apps?

Data Apps are web applications built and deployed using the Streamlit open-source framework - all within Keboola.

Our Data Apps

Advertising Platforms

All of your data is collated in a single table, providing a full overview of your advertising campaigns in one location.

GenAI Messaging Campaign

Create personalized, AI-generated SMS campaigns  to elevate the customer journey and boost conversions.

Keboola Data Editor

Directly access and edit tables in Keboola Storage, eliminating the hassle of exporting data to external tools.

E-commerce EasyCompass

View, filter, compare and share key financial metrics from a single intuitive dashboard, powered by Shopify data.

Kai PromptLab

Designed with Streamlit, this app automatically refines AI prompts for maximum clarity and precision.

Kai SQL Bot

Use natural language to swiftly generate real-time data insights, saving you the time and effort of doing it manually.

Media Cashflow

Combines, transforms and consolidates data from multiple platforms into a single data model, ready for deployment in a data app.

UA and GA4 Comparison

Quickly compare the performance of Google Universal Analytics (GA UA) and Google Analytics 4 (GA4) with a unified view.

Why You’ll Love Data Apps ❤️

Save 10+ hours with automated reporting

Meet pre-built data apps. Build reports in just a few clicks. Perfect for business users with zero technical skills.

Build custom apps that match your needs

Integrate with GIT, or paste your own code - we handle the rest.

Go beyond simple visualizations

Filter, manipulate data, and perform advanced analytics - all without bloating your tech stack with additional BI tools.

Automate data pipelines

Collect, prep, and push data into third-party apps via integrations. Reports or datasets in Data Apps will be automatically updated when any data in the data source changes.

Share within your organization

Distribute your apps while maintaining complete control over user access and data permissions. Use pre-built types of authorization to prevent unwanted public access.

Experiment with endless use cases

With Keboola and Streamlit’s libraries, plugins, and components, you can speed up development, connect new data, and integrate ML models into your pipelines.


Keboola is extremely flexible, it allows you to connect to multiple sources, transform and generate the output in hours rather than weeks. It’s easy to use, and very user-friendly, so it's not only for tech teams.

Matt Lukowski, Director of Advanced Analytics at Harri

For example, before Keboola, a colleague used to spend five hours a week on a task. She now spends one hour. Or the marketing guys - Keboola integrates all the marketing channels they use into one reporting view.

Michal Buzek, BI Director at Heureka Group

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with data templates

Choose from our collection of the most popular data pipelines. Start automating in minutes with a prebuilt workflow.
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The Key to Effortless Data App Building

To truly get the most out of your Data App, you need good data, scalable infrastructure, and great developer experience. This is where Keboola comes in. It helps you automate the whole process of creating high-quality data applications.


There are no limits! Streamlit app based on Python is compatible with the majority of packages and frameworks.


Enjoy real-time data calculations, interactive widgets, and dynamic dashboards. No more waiting around for a new batch of data like you would with static reports.

Intuitive UI

With Keboola + Streamlit, you can easily bring your data to life. Just use a simple Python library and intuitive Keboola UI to deploy and manage the app.


Choose from different backend power options to supercharge your data apps, guaranteeing exceptional performance with swift response times for uninterrupted workflow.

Auto Sleep and Wake Up

Choose Auto-Sleep period after inactivity to save run time and costs. Your app wakes up automatically when someone visits it.


Secure integration with OpenID Connect (Google, Azure or AWS). For Flexibility you can also choose Basic authentication or None.
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Learn From Our Customers

Here are some results that our customers achieve with Keboola:

“Keboola removed bottlenecks in our data management system and liberated our engineers to focus on new feature development over maintenance. Now, we're not just supporting over 100 engineers on a single platform; we’re empowering other teams to be data-driven, create better pricing decisions, and optimize their campaigns.”
Ilja Volf, Head of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence at Mall Group

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