Clarify AI


Clarify AI in Keboola helps you to resolve complex errors effortlessly. With just a click of a button, our advanced AI system will analyze any complicated error messages you encounter and provide clear, human-readable explanations. No more confusion or frustration with complicated errors.

Clarify ai

Let AI help you with documentation

Job Errors Explained

Transforms error messages into simple language

Provides "how to fix" solution

Get AI-powered help with lengthy documentation and debugging

Generate Documentation

Documenting configuration is a good practice, yet mundane

Now you can Generate the description using Clarify AI

Detailed, compliant-ready documentation of transformation tasks

Speed up your team!

Unblock people and let AI crawl documentation for them.

Data Analyst

Focus on analysis, not documentation.

Data Engineer

Seamless troubleshooting and uninterrupted development.

Product Manager

Accelerate project timelines and deliverables with improved productivity and communication.

Technical Writer

Generate accurate technical content effortlessly.

What are the perks?


One click. Simple language without technical jargon.


Helps users to troubleshoot on their own, resulting in autonomous teams.

Automated Compliance

Clarify AI automatically creates detailed, compliant-ready documentation of the error handling and resolution process.

This feature is Generally Available

Clarify AI is now available to all Keboola Projects.

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  • AI-driven capabilities
  • Enhanced control, performance, and visibility across all your data operations.
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