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Keboola puts you in control of your data

Platform for your Data Analytics

Keboola brings data engineering and data analytics together on one single platform that anyone can use. One click managed infrastructure, data hub, user provisioning, process automation - all rolled into one platform. Machine learning based solutions provide predictive support, one click scaffolding and much more! No setup required, one click and you are ready to go!


A new approach to analytics

Each company faces unique challenges, so why would you go with the traditional, closed, black box system? Choose Keboola instead! Keboola was built to be universal so instead of molding your needs to fit our system, our system adapts to fit your needs. Keboola is the easy way to apply machine learning and AI to automate your tasks, organize your data, and improve your operational efficiency. Our marketplace and network of data partners make all this possible.

  • No More Complex ETLs

    No need to define schemas - connect to thousands of sources and create new connectors on the fly. Connect to countless 3rd party systems and integrate them directly into your workflow, and you can access the data stored by Keboola at any time.

  • No Blackbox

    Open and fully customizable system. Seriously, we're not kidding. You can see every single line of code, every little job payload, and all the data streams your heart desires. Fully customizable.

  • Automation

    Handles complicated processes and trigger actions from other SaaS apps and legacy systems like CRMs, mailing, ERP, SupplyChain or BI apps.

  • Data Lake & DWH

    Instant API/UI access to your data, structured storage, real-time analytical data warehouses and data catalogs.

  • Secure and stable sandbox

    Personal developer sandboxes and notebooks (SQL, RStudio, Python) with data linked automatically from storage, including model versioning.

  • Serverless

    Built as a micro-service architecture running on AWS. You use only parts that suit your business, including single click services you really need. Total control of performance, efficiency and spend.

Keboola works with the world’s best!

AWS Azure

no more procurement nightmare

Over 50 technologies in just one contract

SQL, RStudio, Python, Spark, Snowflake, S3 and more within one contract, in a single environment, provided to you as a service. Any scenarios and configurations you can imagine are just one click away. Solve the use case at hand, but have the flexibility to use the results and pipes in other use cases and workflows.

Procurement. You get access to all the tools Keboola has to offer the moment you purchase. No need for additional security or procurement permissions. A new use case doesn’t have mean spending weeks on a whole new set of rounds of IT/Security/Procurement talks.

Promise. Used by banks and auditors, completely secure and GDPR compliant. We believe so firmly that Keboola is the best that we've set up our system so that if you're ever unsatisfied, you can leave anytime with no hassle. With us, there isn't any vendor lock! We only keep your business if you're happy.

"We had a great data pipeline using S3, Redshift, and Python, but our data engineer has left and now we have to pick up the pieces"

With Keboola, you can support your business' data engineers and data scientists ever-changing requirements for tools, setup and data without the need to change the underlying infrastructure or deploy significant new IT resources.

“Keboola’s Business Data Model has transformed the way Roti thinks about its data. Our BDM has allowed us to elevate conversations from the tactical to the strategic helping us provide a scalable platform and greater business value.”

Jeff Miller, VP of Technology at Roti Modern Mediterranean

your business based on data

Bringing data to users across your organization

Use the tools you know from desktop environments in the cloud. The knowledge of thousands of other users are empowering our machine learning and helping you with mundane tasks. If you ever need help, professional support is just one click away!

Connecting data sources
2-3 months
1 click
Team size
Days or weeks


Natural Language Processing

In response to demand for out of the box NLP, Keboola turned to Geneea for help. Geneea has integrated their powerful NLP software into Keboola’s platform making it possible for customers to easily add a large amount of text, process it and visualize the results.

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