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Keboola + Teradata: Unleash the power of analytics at scale

Keboola integrates Teradata Vantage as a backend to help you expand engineering and analytic deliverables. Do more, faster, and at a fraction of the cost.

Why Keboola + Teradata

Teradata Vantage is the connected multi-cloud data platform for enterprise analytics, unifying enterprise-grade data lakes, data warehouses, analytics, and data sources. With Keboola, you can integrate your Teradata Vantage as a backend to iterate faster, increase analytic output, and streamline your data operations end-to-end with the best price-performance ratio.
Explaining long-tail

From the dreaded backlog to long-tail analytics

The problem: Growing backlog and low impact
The Data Catalog is Teradata is a fantastic data platform, but its state-of-the-art engineering and excellent data governance come at the cost of low flexibility and slow time-to-market. Their data team focuses on high-value projects, such as building a complete 360° customer view, or regulatory reporting.Being confined to just a couple of high-value projects per quarter slows you down, while growing your backlog and limiting the impact of analytics on your business transformation.a built-in feature in your Keboola, with any data available to be published.
The goal: Long-tail analytics
Long-tail is a term derived from Google. The search giant noticed that long-tail keywords (eg.,“summer mountain running shoes men”) were queried less often than short-tail keywords (eg., “running shoes”), but their cumulative value for converting a search into a sale was 10x that of short keywords.Similarly, long-tail analytics incorporates multiple smaller projects that are usually overlooked in the backlog due to resource and headcount constraints, but hold a cumulatively greater transformative power for the business.
The bridge: Keboola’s integration with Teradata
Keboola helps you build data features and products with your existing infrastructure.With its user-friendly interface, scalable infrastructure, and best-in-class price-performance, your existing team can accelerate its data operations to achieve long-tail analytics.Increase the impact of your analytics by turning your backlog into a source of feature ideas.Automate sales reporting, enrich DWH data for ad hoc growth initiatives, run A/B tests, and much more at scale.

Keboola can drive long-tail analytics for you, too

By integrating your existing Teradata Vantage analytical engines and warehouses as a Keboola backend, you can merge all the raw power of Teradata with the user-friendly features of Keboola that propel you towards long-tail analytics.
Cut out dependencies
Keboola integrates on top of your existing infrastructure. No additional dependency is introduced. Feel free to plug-and-play novel tools to help you streamline operations, without the fear of vendor lock-in.
Maintain governance control
Keboola tracks every platform touchpoint following the OpenLineage protocol. Integrate telemetry with data lineage tools or survey it yourself. Build enterprise-grade secure products while monitoring every job on the platform.
Build flexible architecture
Whether you want to tap into the existing models in your data warehouse or build new pipelines with Keboola to create a data mesh, the choice is yours. Our flexible architecture fosters experimentation.
Prototype faster
Prototype faster with Keboola’s friendly UI and devoted product-building features, or use our Flow Builder to create ELT/ELT pipelines faster. With Keboola’s 250+ integrations, you can send and receive data with just the click of a button.
Pick the best tools for the job
From engineering features like CDC and development branches to data science toolboxes, Keboola offers out-of-the-box tools that speed up and automate the work of data operatives with the technology they know and love. Keboola also integrates other modern data stacks such as dbt, so engineers can work with their preferred tools of choice.
Foster Collaboration
Centralize and share data between teams, projects, and departments. Keboola’s Data Catalog allows your team to securely share enriched data. Remove data access friction, while keeping a full audit trail for lineage.
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