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Run your data operations on a single, unified platform.

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Keboola + Firebolt: Accelerate getting your data into Firebolt

Build an ETL flow seamlessly integrated with Firebolt

Why Keboola + Firebolt

Just like Firebolt, Keboola caters to data engineers with its one-stop, programmable data stack as a service. Whether you need a simple ETL flow or complex architecture to support multiple teams and use cases across large organizations, Keboola will meet you at the right level and dramatically accelerate your next project.
Start now

Build an ETL flow in minutes

Set up a free Keboola account and choose from 200+ integrations
Transform data if necessary using SQL or Python and use the Firebolt writer to define and configure target tables
Automate the whole process using Orchestrations

The most out-of-the-box integrations on the market

Discover why Keboola is the best option for ETL and beyond:
Native Firebolt integration with built-in support for indexes and table types
Enterprise grade security & observability
Generic low-code custom integration tools
SQL, Python transformation engine and automation
Custom-code hosting
Fully programmable and API driven
“Keboola is the perfect fit for Firebolt customers who want to stand up a data stack in one go; data integration but also cataloguing, data science and automation. Keboola is also run by real data enthusiasts who are thoughtful and customer-obsessed.”
Nouras Haddad
VP Aliances, Firebolt
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