EmPower Online, 29th May. Keboola Roadmap Reveal.
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EmPower Online, 29th May. Keboola Roadmap Reveal.
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Keboola + Snowflake: Quickly Turn Data Into Revenue-Generating Insights 

Keboola + Snowflake help you manage data and build advanced data use cases faster than your competition, at a fraction of the cost. 

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Engineer Productivity

2023 Award Winner 🏆

Keboola has won the "Powered By Snowflake" award at Snowflake’s third annual Data Drivers Awards in the EMEA region. This award celebrates the journey we began with Snowflake way back in 2015. From the start, we were sold on Snowflake’s potential. It’s now baked into our Data Platform, helping you connect multiple platforms and data sets quickly and at scale.

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Ways to Work with
Keboola and Snowflake

Powered by Snowflake

Get immediate access to Snowflake’s powerful capabilities. As Keboola is built on Snowflake, you won't have to pay extra or sign any special contracts.


Already have your database in Snowflake? Connect it with Keboola and start working on your data projects.


Get Snowflake and Keboola in one package directly through Keboola, so you don't have to deal with additional paperwork.
“Keboola helps us save on many fronts: we could let go of many obsolete databases for storage, and we don’t need consultants to help develop transformations. Keboola even offers a fully managed Snowflake, so we don’t have to take care of that. We even removed an ad for a data engineer and decided to hire a front-end developer instead, because Keboola is so easy to use that we can achieve more with the existing in-house talent”
Ronnie P, CTO, Pincho Nation
Try an interactive demo project for yourself

Keboola + Snowpark+ Streamlit

Keboola takes your big data workflows to the next level with its Snowpark and Streamlit integration. With this power duo, you’ll be able to build robust data pipelines and interactive data apps, as well as access Snowflake’s powerful capabilities directly from Keboola’s Workspaces. 

Perform data engineering tasks 5-33x faster 

No matter what programming language you use, Snowpark’s integration with Keboola empowers users to optimize their data processing tasks, while also enabling faster Time to Business Value.

Build and deploy apps in under 45 minutes 

Keboola eliminates the need for multiple infrastructures by providing the infrastructure to deploy, host, and access management of Streamlit apps. Deliver real-time business insights and help stakeholders make data-driven decisions. 

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Snowflake + Keboola

Connect Snowflake with Keboola

Virtual Hands-on Lab

Follow a step-by-step guide to turn Shopify demo data into insights. Within a few clicks, Keboola generates RFM segmentation to optimize the monetization of your online traffic. A predefined Streamlit "Connected application" visualizes data, runs marketing discount simulations, and saves results to Snowflake.

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Already a Snowflake user?
Find Keboola in Snowflake’s Partner Connect and create a trial account.

Tailor Your Automation with Data Templates 

Customer Stories 

Discover how our customers leverage data to drive business growth. 

“Without Keboola, it would have taken weeks and likely months to get their data ingested because of their source systems. With Keboola, our engineers were ingesting data within hours.
Daniel Rothamel, Cloud Data Delivery Engineer at North Labs

Keboola + Snowflake Across Industries

Discover how Keboola and Snowflake work together across various industries for time-to-solution and ROI.

and Retail

Create a 360-degree view of your customers. Analyze data and shape your retail experience to make it their absolute favorite.

Advertising, Media,
and Entertainment

Connect and manage all marketing data sources in one place. Provide high-quality data, run analytics, and fine-tune your campaigns for maximized returns.
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Financial Services

Create financial applications, manage high-volume transactions, and analyze data in real time for personalized experiences, reduced risk, and improved operational efficiency.


Consolidate critical manufacturing data in one place and deliver real-time insights in seconds. Optimize operations and drive business growth.


Unify all business data in a centralized hub to establish robust data governance for consistency and accuracy. Build your own data-powered apps and equip your users with real-time insights for smarter decision-making.

Hospitality and Restaurants

Get to know your customers better, make their experience feel truly personal, and use data to devise strategies that'll boost your bottom line and keep your customers coming back for more.

Drive Growth With the
Right Data Platform - Keboola

Keboola is an all-in-one Data Stack as a Service platform. Say goodbye to scattered, disconnected data. With Keboola, you don’t need to worry about stitching together 10+ different tools, overspending, and wasting time. Focus on your data, not on maintaining your infrastructure.


Keboola acts as a plug-and-play platform. Bring your tools and let Keboola automate every aspect of your data productization lifecycle.


Connect and integrate data with 250+ pre-built connectors. Utilize data templates to deploy end-to-end workflows with a few clicks or a simple API call.


Coders can use low-code options in Python, R, Julia, SQL, CDC replications, development branches, CLI automation, and sandboxes. Non-technical users can leverage no-code transformations and a drag-and-drop visual flow builder.

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