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Keboola vs Fivetran
Stop paying for data updates.

Pay a fixed price and freely include data as you grow. Free trial without commitment. No credit card required.

Keboola is a data operations platform fostering collaboration with your data team and automating data pipeline processes.
Fivetran is a modern, cloud-based ETL tool. Fivetran was built for analysts to access to all their business data.
Explore your data without increasing your costs

We support data innovation, experimentation, and growth.

Number of active rows*
1 M
10 M
100 M
1 B
$ 2,500
$ 2,500
$ 2,500
$ 2,500
$ 1,500
$ 3,000
$ 6,000
$ 12,000

*Active rows: A row becomes active when added to or updated in a data destination like a data warehouse
** The pricing is for 5 users and 2 projects with a max of 1TB of data. Pricing may vary otherwise.

Easily automate entire data pipelines with Keboola

We support data innovation, experimentation, and growth.

SOC 2, HIPAA, GDPR compliant
Automated transformations
Automated data pipeline
Add new data sources
Add custom data sources
Developer tools
Data catalog
Database included
Real-time data synchronization
Data destinations
DWH, BI tools, Custom API's


Only enterprise
DWH only
See what our customers say about Keboola
"Working with Keboola has changed how we look at data. By giving franchisees access to operational and sales performance data in one location, we are empowering them to make the decisions that are best for their business."
Danny Walsh, VP of Reporting and Analytics at Firehouse Subs
"Keboola’s Business Data Model has transformed the way Roti thinks about its data. Our BDM has allowed us to elevate conversations from the tactical to the strategic helping us provide a scalable platform and greater business value."
Jeff Miller, VP of Technology at Roti Modern Mediterranean
Keboola Connection allowed us to start super quickly building our analytics offering and focus on our strengths rather than building the underlying data processing infrastructure from scratch.
Simon Vostry, Founder & CEO at ZOOM International
“Keboola allows us to integrate data from proprietary platforms and correlate them with data from industry-leading solutions. Keboola is a facilitator to the business in our quest to gain market intelligence. I see Keboola as an extension of our team."
Vinh Buu, Manager of Shopper Data at Ivanhoe Cambridge