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Work @ Keboola

Senior Data Consultant
Prague, Czech Republic or Vancouver, Canada


A Role responsible for creating new components and delivering best technical solutions for both implementations and customer success programmes.
Customer Success is here to increase sustainable proven value for both our customers and Keboola.

There are three necessary building blocks:
1. An in-depth knowledge of our customers
2. Effective expertise in Keboola

3. Extensive domain expertise

Functional Accountabilities

Assisting consultants and sales teams
Fulfill custom technical requests

Component/ Processors Development

Enhance overall platform functionalities

Keep customers happy
While pushing them to their maximum potential in Keboola usage [mission of consulting team]


Technical expertise
Design components for the best technical solutions

Adopt best practice
Adopt best practices for fast & high quality development and tech support

Customer oriented point of view
Foresee/understand what the customer is looking for in the data and design solutions to fulfill them. Do not code for the sake of coding only.

Learning of platform and Keboola processes
Knowing capabilities of KBC components to deliver solutions tailored to customers' need

Be good communicator
Honest and quick communications both with clients and with team

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