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Turning Internal Company Data into a New Data-as-a-Service Revenue Stream
In the third DataHeroes podcast, our CEO Pavel Dolezal talks to Michal Buzek, Head of Business Intelligence at Heureka.

In the latest episode of DataHeroes, the host and Keboola’s CEO Pavel Dolezal chats with Michal Buzek, Head of Business Intelligence at Heureka. Michal started his career at, the biggest search platform in the Czech Republic. After spending several months on a sales position, he joined the analytical department and became its head three years later. Michal explains how the short hands-on experience in sales influenced his take on data analytics.

With almost 10 years of experience at Seznam under his belt, Michal was ready for a new challenge. He was aware of the opportunities that turning internal data into a service could offer to companies and wanted to tap the uncovered potential by joining Heureka in 2016.

Heureka is the leading e-commerce shopping platform in Central and Eastern Europe. With its portfolio of price comparison websites, it holds market leader positions in nine European countries. Over 20 million unique users visit the platform every month, looking for the best sites to shop for products from Heureka’s catalogue of 25 million items. Having one of the biggest data samples about e-retail in the region to their disposal, Heureka’s CEO decided to build Data-as-a-Service on top of that. And that’s where Michal came into the picture.

In a matter of months, he and his team launched a new service for Heureka’s business partners – brands and e-retailers. The service provides up-to-date information about their campaigns and the e-commerce market as a whole. Almost in real time, companies can identify best-selling products and categories, benchmark themselves against the competition, etc. Heureka now plans on monetizing the service with advanced reports.

  • How did working for influence Michal’s view of data and its future?
  • How did Heureka manage to launch a new service in such a short period of time?
  • How did the new service change the everyday work of Heureka’s partners?

For answers to the above questions and for more information about Heureka’s journey to data monetization, listen to the third episode of the DataHeroes podcast.

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