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October 15, 2020
You can now run projects in Keboola Connection for free
Read more about Keboola Connection freemium model and earn extra monthly credits.

Over the past few months, we’ve been considering how to create a platform that’s accessible to everyone. With that said, we’re happy to announce that you can now use Keboola Connection for free! No contract, no talking to our (albeit incredibly lovely) sales team - just jump in and start building. 

Our users love Keboola, and we are proud to have helped many companies accelerate their digital transformation, build new data products, or just up their data game in general. Our mission has always been to simplify complex things. Having a complete, enterprise-level data architecture available from day one, with the majority of administration tasks automated, means that our customers can start working with the data right away. No need to spend months designing and assembling your data stack from disjointed pieces!

Starting with Keboola Connection as the foundation also eliminates the need to ‘rip and replace’ later. All too often, companies start with simple, single-purpose tools and later find themselves vendor-locked-in in the corner.

With this new freemium model, we are enabling data scientists, data engineers, and other data enthusiasts to connect data and build pipelines and data models for free. What’s more, the functionalities are on par with similar offers that start at a couple of hundred dollars per month. 

Sign up within two weeks of the publication date of this blog, and we’ll give you some extra credits!

An improved onboarding experience

We are also rolling out a brand new onboarding experience that will provide you with hints on how to get started based on your needs and desires.

You can set up an ETL or ELT process in a few minutes and let it run for free. Want to add a data science workbench? It’s right there. Need more data connections? No problem - completely seamless. Want a Python or SQL transformation to clean or enrich your data? Sure. Invite your team to work with you? No extra cost, either.

The platform that scales with you

In the future, you may need to run several projects and pipelines across different clouds. Perhaps you want access to Data Catalog and multi-project architecture, enterprise features such as audit trail, SAML integrations, advanced user management, data region selection, private cloud deployments, and many others.

You can do all of this by simply upgrading your account without introducing new technology. The same goes for an increase in capacity or speed for your critical tasks. Keboola is already used by teams of hundreds in the most demanding environments. Whatever you may need in the future, the chances are that we’ve been there already.

Build a project for free or pay as you go

So, for starters, how does it work? 

Sign up, check out the onboarding tour, and set up your first few components. Each job (that’s when any of the components, for example, an extractor or SQL transformation, does its job) takes some time to run. We measure that time. 

You’ll get up to 300 minutes of those jobs for free, every month, for the lifetime of the project. 

Need more credits? You can always top up by purchasing additional credits straight from your account. Now, this will cost money and you will need your credit card, but you’ll know the value that you’re getting by that point. Explore our pricing page to learn more about credits. 

If you are one of the early adopters and sign up within two weeks of the publication date of this blog, we’ll give you some extra credits just to say thank you!

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