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Keboola Rocks the Stage with 18 Badges in G2's Summer 2023 Grid Report!

Sun’s out, badges out!

July 4, 2023
Keboola Rocks the Stage with 18 Badges in G2's Summer 2023 Grid Report!
Sun’s out, badges out!

The moment has come! G2 honored Keboola with 18 badges, including 'Leader' and 'Easiest To Use,' in different data management categories in their Summer 2023 Grid report. We're humbled to once again be recognized as leaders in these domains. 

As we bask in the spotlight, we’re thrilled to see the respect and recognition our product has garnered. But these badges aren't just another feather in our cap; they’re a testament to how we continuously empower businesses and drive them toward unprecedented business growth. You see, each badge is like a love letter from our customers - an affirmation that we are steering in the right direction.

Now, what are all these badges about?

Keboola has been crowned a Leader in five categories, meaning it scored high in customer satisfaction and has a strong presence in the market. It's the gold standard, showing that users really appreciate what Keboola is offering.

  • Leader, ETL Tools 
  • Leader, Backup
  • Leader, Data Extraction
  • Leader, Mid-Market, ETL Tools 
  • Leader, Mid-Market, Data Extraction 
“Keboola is powerful in extracting data from endless sources. In Keboola you can organize your analytics and build your models with ease. The platform supports different warehouses like Snowflake and Redshift and supports SQL, Python, and R as languages for writing your transformations. Keboola supports incremental extraction and also provides timestamp information to help build incremental analytical models.” - Farid M., Data Engineer  

And that’s not all. Keboola came out swinging like a heavyweight champion in another five categories for High Performer, taking customer satisfaction by storm.

  • High Performer, Mid-Market, Backup
  • High Performer, Enterprise, ETL Tools
  • High Performer, Big Data Integration
  • High Performer, Data Replication
  • High Performer, Enterprise Data Extraction
“Impressed with the array of connectors available, the user-friendly UI, and the ability to architect an ETL pipeline super flexibly. The documentation is absolutely impressive. I was particularly blown away by their 'Generic Extractor' connector, which allows you to create pipelines to extract data from any data source with a sane API.” - Anonymous reviewer 

We're also making waves as a Momentum Leader across four categories: 

  • Momentum Leader, ETL Tools
  • Momentum Leader, Data Extraction 
  • Momentum Leader, Data Replication 
  • Momentum Leader, Big Data Integration Platforms 

This honor is particularly exciting as it factors in our growth metrics, including year-over-year change, review growth, social growth, and web growth.

“Keboola is refreshing and extremely easy to set up compared to other ETL tools. You don't need to think about the infrastructure since it comes with a snowflake already set up and ready to use. There is the chance to use any preferred language for transformations (python, R, SQL) even in the pay-as-you-go plan. You can create a development branch with a couple of clicks (something that not many tools have).” - Simone C., Data Analyst

But wait! There's even more.

Keboola secured top spots in various categories based on the Relationship Index, which evaluates factors contributing to a product's overall Relationship score. This includes ease of doing business, quality of support, and the likelihood of a recommendation.

  • Best Relationship, Data Extraction 
  • Best Relationship, ETL Tools 
  • Best Relationship, Mid-Market, Data Extraction 
“Their helpful support is the best all over the world - I always have a response within 24 hours, but typically it is within two hours.” - Stepan P., Enterprise user

Concluding with an additional honor, Keboola is proud to have received the badge ‘Easiest to Use’ in the category of DataOps platforms. This score is founded on ease of use, administration, and adoption data.

“Keboola helped us speed up building ETLs and data integrations, also managing and controlling the orchestration made modifications very simple. We are moving many of our ETLs into Keboola. […] Keboola CS and support teams are super cooperative and friendly, also very responsive and helpful in solving and following up on issues.” - Mustafa T., Director of Big Data and AI 

What can Keboola do for you? 

Try Keboola and automate your data operations at scale. The platform helps its customers connect any database and perform extraction, transformation, data management, pipeline orchestration, and even reverse ETL. 

Built atop Snowflake’s powerful Data Cloud, Keboola can help you: 

  • Create pipelines to extract data from any data source, with 250+ connectors available. 
  • Simplify data workflows with pre-built data templates, allowing for effortless setup of end-to-end ETL pipelines.
  • Automate every aspect of your data productization lifecycle. 
  • Play in the Keboola sandbox to develop prototypes without disrupting your production pipelines. 
  • Empower all users, regardless of their coding expertise, to build data products with low-code and no-code capabilities. 

Sign up for free or contact our sales team to schedule a demo and learn more about Keboola. 

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