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Keboola + ThoughtSpot: Go from zero data experience to live analytics in minutes

Design and deploy your end-to-end data stack and analytics in a few clicks. 

Use Cases
January 6, 2022
Keboola + ThoughtSpot: Go from zero data experience to live analytics in minutes
Design and deploy your end-to-end data stack and analytics in a few clicks. 

We’ve got some exciting news!

Are you ready? Drum roll, please…

We are proud and excited to announce our partnership with ThoughtSpot! You can now design and deploy your end-to-end data stack and analytics in a few clicks. 

It’s a major shift from how much time and resources it used to take to get from data to insights. This partnership unlocks your data capabilities and supercharges your growth. 

Keboola gets all your data nice and clean and delivers it to the destination of your choice. ThoughtSpot live queries the clean data to offer anyone in your company personalized Liveboards, intuitive data searches and AI-driven analytics.

And no need to be technically proficient. Keboola and ThoughtSpot are so user-friendly, you can set up your entire Data Stack without being a data engineer.

Go from zero data experience to fully searchable and AI-driven analytics in minutes.

Why Keboola + ThoughtSpot?

So how do Keboola and ThoughtSpot propel you from zero data experience to live analytics in minutes?

Keboola is the Data Stack as a Service platform. 

It centralizes and automates your entire stack of data tools within a single solution, consolidating your data ingestion, exploration, cleaning, storage, outputting, analysis, and data science apps into a single platform. 

Keboola gets your data house in order. It brings all your disparate tools under a single, centralized roof.

And centralization is not just about cutting costs. Data Stack as a Service makes data sharing, exploration, lineage tracing, and governance much easier. Bringing your data operations to a common denominator.

Part of the end-to-end data stack automation is the ability to build data pipelines with a couple of clicks:

  1. Configure your data extractors to collect raw data from their data sources.
  2. Transform and clean your extracted data.
  3. Write the cleaned data to a database, data warehouse, or data lake of your choice.

The entire process is easy to configure and automate. Keboola takes care of the heavy lifting and maintenance engineering, so you can focus your energy on more value-generating tasks.

But data is rarely the goal in and of itself. 

You want data to be cleaned and properly modeled so that data scientists and data analysts can extract insights that drive company growth. 

This is where ThoughtSpot comes in. 

As easily as you’ve automated the data pipeline, you can send your data to BI and visualizations tools, and most importantly, to ThoughtSpot

Dashboards are a great data tool. Until your end-users have follow-up questions.

Those questions become tickets. 

And tickets become backlogged tasks for data engineers.

This is why building customer-facing analytics is challenging. Without Keboola and ThoughtSpot, you need to set up and maintain a large data stack as well as devote significant engineering resources for new customer requests.

ThoughtSpot helps you automate and embed analytics into your product without a team of engineers working around the clock.

With its portfolio of custom solutions, you can turn your static data into Liveboards that allow your users to easily build custom visualizations, drill down or up in the data model at scale, and offer AI-powered features that turn natural language queries into intelligent database queries.

Turn your dashboards from curiosity-killing static presentations to playgrounds where everyone can explore and play with the data.
With its Search API, you can ask any questions within the app and ThoughtSpot will automatically generate visualizations that answer that question:

live dashboard Thoughtspot

The ability to deliver personalized insights for everyone within your app changes your static data into a self-service analytic powerhouse.

The Harri success case: Powering Workforce Management for the Service Industry with Keboola and ThoughtSpot

Harri is a leading end-to-end workforce management solution built for service industries. 

It allows its users to manage their employees throughout the human capital management lifecycle: hiring, scheduling, payrolling, engaging, and every step in between.

Embedded analytics is a cornerstone of the Harri product. 

harri use case

But the product team behind Harri stumbled upon a growth problem. 

As their user base grew, they found it progressively harder to keep up with the user requests for improving the software’s embedded analytic features. Their in-house engineered analytics-as-a-product did not scale with demand.

The solution?

Harri rebuilt its data model with Keboola: it used Keboola to centralize all their data from disparate in-house engineering product databases into a single Snowflake data warehouse.

Following an evaluation of ThoughtSpot, Looker, and Sisense through a 150 point checklist on 1B+ rows of data, Harri chose ThoughtSpot Everywhere to power its embedded analytics app. Among the factors that contributed to this selection were scale and performance on cloud data,  the most modern and consumer-friendly UI, pricing models, flexibility and customizability, developer experience, and promise for adoption and scale. 

With a clear data model, Harri reshaped their data schemas to be optimized for ThoughtSpot Search. 

On top of the Snowflake data warehouse, Harri integrated ThoughtSpot to give its users self-service analytics. 

By relying on ThoughtSpot Everywhere’s embedded self-service analytics, Harri outsourced the backend management (authorization and security) to ThoughtSpot, while giving the app’s users the ability to interact with Liveboards, search their data with custom queries (Search API), and automatically generate AI-driven insights (SpotIQ). 

Usually, a data stack re-architecture of this scope would take months.

Harri did it in just a few days

As Matt Lukowski - Director of Analytics at Harri - said:

We would never achieve our goals and objectives without the packaged solution from Keboola and ThoughtSpot. 
This partnership allowed us to focus on what is important and innovative in our business vertical rather than managing the data stack. The package equipped us with tools to activate our true data potential and build data analytics applications faster and at a lower cost. 
Harri's mission is to revolutionize Talent Acquisition and WFM market, use AI to predict employee sentiment and retention, and thanks to cooperation with real data enthusiasts at Keboola and ThoughtSpot our mission is so much easier to achieve.

Leveraging  the power of the automated data stack and Liveboards 

Harri’s Talent Sourcing analytics app, HarriIQ, helps Global Recruitment Managers, Hotel General Managers, and Field Managers at top global hotel chains take business actions beyond the dashboard.

Users get an end-to-end extensible and customized experience that helps grow customer engagement and retention, while generating monetization and revenue growth opportunities for Harri. 

Keboola + ThoughtSpot integration is perfect for your next-gen data-stack. 

Stop wasting resources on maintaining and managing the old-school tools. Instead, streamline your work with Keboola + ThoughtSpot. Break out of static dashboards, and empower everyone to make data-driven decisions. Transform your business with a data stack as a service and Liveboards today. 

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