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Run your data operations on a single, unified platform.

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June 9, 2021
Keboola Expert Program: Make money on data projects big and small
Provision the whole data stack for free in one click, start building immediately, and reserve most of the customer’s budget for value-creating work - welcome to the Keboola Expert Program.

Ever tried to build a small data project for your client and had to kill it just because the cost of the data stack ended too high? Or had to resort to the most basic, open source components, fully knowing that the solution was doomed to rip-and-replace as soon as the needs evolve just a little? In the “modern data stack”, this is often the reality. 

Data warehouse, ETL tool or two, a transformation engine, can easily top a couple of thousand dollars per month for a very simple data pipeline use case. For anything more sophisticated, like involving data science or managing users, your customer will need to buy at least 5 different tools before creating anything meaningful. Then, of course, there’s the time to set it all up that could better be used on value-added work. 

The initial cost and effort is so high that many small projects and freelancing efforts die before they are even started. 

Become a Keboola Expert. Sign up today.

Avoid multiple tools, re-inventing the wheel, and investing thousands of dollars in a simple data stack

There is a new way forward. Keboola now offers a ready to go data stack that is free to get started with.

With Keboola’s free tier, it is easy to build a proof of concept very quickly and with minimal work. Prove the value and only when the computing power consumption reaches the free limit, a simple consumption based payment plan kicks in. 

Additionally, and as a unique offering on the market, it comes with a partner program - a simple way for any expert to become a Kebooa Expert and receive tools to create and maintain client projects. And the platform itself is not just a simple ETL tool, it extends way beyond this simple use case and covers everything a data-driven company needs. 

Any project can start simple, but then evolve without limitation to an enterprise-wide application, using the same platform, with nothing to replace along the way!

How to become a Keboola Expert 

With a simple sign up and without any commitment you get the ability to instantly create projects for your clients, along with any training and support you may need to help them. 

Use our wide collection of tools and features to rapidly build out the solution, and collect commission on a future spend in the project (on top of your own service fees, of course). The customer gains lower overall cost with more time left for tasks that create value, since Keboola is a completely managed, enterprise grade data stack. 

A quick anatomy of your next project in Keboola in comparison with the modern data stack way:

keboola expert way

Are you ready to join our partner program? Get started today!

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