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Keboola appointed new Head of Sales - Europe
Meet Jakub Turner, new Head of Sales that will lead Prague and London sales teams.

Jakub Turner will lead both Prague and London sales teams.

Keboola is expanding. With five offices and more than hundreds of satisfied clients around the world we have been looking into ways on how to manage our rapid growth more efficiently. One of the key changes of the last few weeks has been the creation of the Sales team out of the Customer Success team and we are thrilled to introduce you the new Head of Sales for the European market - Jakub Turner.

Most of our clients are global corporations trying to innovate using data and we have been their partners for doing so. One of the key components of Keboola’s success is our company culture. We like to be as agile and transparent as possible and we don‘t like to waste time with meaningless tasks or arbitrary processes. We believe that this approach translates in both our product Keboola Connection and in our client services.

That is why we are always looking for talented people with the same DNA, take-responsibility can-do attitude, no-BS direct approach to join our team.

Jakub has been with us for more than two years and is as close to perfect employee as we encountered so far. He took our Czech market operations to another level and his work resulted in record growth and much higher customer satisfaction.

Jakub’s background was originally in online marketing - in the Sun Marketing online agency he quickly went from the entry Account manager position to being the Head of Sales. Actually same has been true in Keboola - Jakub has raised the bar of our expectation continuously and earned his role as Head of Sales - Europe in little more than two years time working with us.

His time will be divided equally between London and Prague branches. Even though many see these two markets as very different, Jakub says:

Challenges that ambitious companies face are the same in Prague, London or Rome - how to manage the company using KPIs, how to optimise processes or how to shorten the time-to-market of any new service or product. Data management is the key to solving all those challenges and that is when Keboola comes to rescue.

We wish Jakub the best of luck in spreading the gospel of data-driven organisations.

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