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Customer Stories
February 10, 2019
Ivanhoé Cambridge: Focus on being innovative and do not worry about your toolset
What started as a digital marketing reporting tool has expanded into a multi-purpose solution

It does so responsibly, with a long-term view to generate optimal, risk-adjusted returns. Ivanhoé Cambridge is committed to creating living spaces that foster the well-being of people and communities, while reducing its environmental footprint.

Ivanhoé Cambridge held more than C$60 billion in assets as of December 31, 2017, and is a real estate subsidiary of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (, one of Canada’s leading institutional fund managers.

The Problem

While there is an abundance of availability around tools and strategies for deploying digital marketing initiatives, the same availability is missing within the data analytics side of the initiative. Ivanhoé Cambridge required a tool that enabled its digital marketing initiatives the ability to not only maintain its growth, but scale throughout continued growth. It required a solution that was future-proofed in its ability to be flexible from the digital marketing organization’s infancy.

Ivanhoé Cambridge nation wide marketing team of 50 professionals had a variety of digital marketing tools, not all of them common or even marquee brands, therefore creating issue with other ETL solutions that could not provide a solution for Ivanhoé Cambridge’s unique mix of standard and proprietary data sources. Preparing data for consumption from the various solutions required laborious manual labor, leaving little to no energy to spend time creating value within the data itself.

The Solution

Ivanhoé Cambridge went shopping for solutions at the Tableau Conference and encountered Keboola. After going through the sales process with other providers, Keboola’s extensibility allowed them to be the single vendor to commit to a POC that proved its custom integration framework for its own API.

The Result

“Keboola allowed us to focus on being innovative and not worry about whether our toolset would be able to keep up with us.” – Vinh Buu, Manager of Shopping Data

What started as a Digital Marketing reporting tool has expanded into multi-purpose solution. Not only does Ivanhoé Cambridge use Keboola to track marketing campaigns and activities, but it’s on the forefront of the company’s experimental and R&D projects for the future of Ivanhoé Cambridge sites. Tableau is not the only consumption point of data now, as data also flows to other systems, all within one Keboola instance.

“Along the way when we encountered problems with some of our tools, we realized that we could use Keboola to tackle the problems. Tools that had integrations and connectors that should have worked didn’t, or was really hard. We realized we can use Keboola to push and pull data to those tools.” – Vinh Buu, Manager of Shopping Data.

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