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Customer Stories
March 9, 2020
How Platterz gained data-backed understanding of interaction with new features
Discover how Platterz has managed to remove bottlenecks and gain real-time insights and understanding of how are users interacting with their page.

Platterz helps cultivate happy workplaces by creating delicious food experiences to offices across the country. To do this, the business intelligence team at Platterz is on a never-ending mission to derive important insights from the multitude of data at their fingertips. Platterz had the data and the world’s best visualization tool - Looker - but they needed a way to organize the data seamlessly in a way that was optimized for their teams. By integrating with Keboola, the mountains of Platterz data was easily organized and fed into a Looker dashboard directly to a display above the development team’s workspace. The results were astounding.

We at Keboola believe that every organization should have a full and complete picture of their data in order to best unlock its potential. In this case, combined with Looker, the Keboola platform was able to provide an extremely accurate (and literal) visualization of Platterz’s dataflow and play a crucial role in identifying areas for change and improvement. By visualizing the data in Looker, the Platterz development team was able to identify previously hidden performance friction points, watch the effects of new features in real-time and achieve a data-backed understanding about what specifically was taking place as users interacted with the website. In our opinion, this is the best possible kind of partnership.

“Our work with Platterz demonstrates the power of data to transform businesses. Fast-growing businesses need to be able to understand their data quickly and with minimal complication and we are proud to deliver that at Keboola. Instead of spending time writing code to make siloed databases talk to each other, Keboola allows teams to focus on building the business and servicing clients.” - Keboola Co-Founder and CEO Pavel Doležal.

Keboola’s platform has been able to turn around extremely fast and organized insights on our customers’ data, but we’ve been especially excited to see a customer utilize the platform in tandem with another app. It demonstrates the flexibility we strive to provide to our customer base - with an emphasis on being able to adapt to almost any kind of structure. We’ve always considered the Keboola platform as something that works as an extra layer of data fabric that seamlessly integrates with existing systems with near-zero friction. It is exciting to see what is possible when combining Keboola with a powerful visualization tool like Looker.

“Through Keboola’s platform, we’ve been able to remove bottlenecks at major pain points. Because of how Keboola has helped us restructure our data, we’ve also been able to streamline the whole process and better maintain our analytics backlog.” - Josh Martow, Director of Business Intelligence at Platterz.

The bottom line of all of our endeavors here at Keboola is create and provide a platform (what we often call a “sandbox”) for our partners that elevates the data they already have, creates a secure place for anyone to access it, and makes data scientists out of anyone in the company. We pride ourselves on unblocking areas for improvement and fostering chances to decrease bottlenecks. Our bread and butter is enabling optimization that makes companies excel, not stall. We know we’ve done a good job when our customers are finding creative ways to implement Keboola into their existing systems and getting actionable results fast. We look forward to seeing how the Keboola platform can further strengthen Platterz’s teams and how far we can get their data to work for them.

Would you also like to gain real-time insights into your customers’ interactions with your product? Talk with our data experts and discover your next steps.

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