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G2 Spring Reports 2023: Keboola leads the way once again

Keboola continues to make waves in the world of data, winning 16 awards in the G2 Spring Report.

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April 18, 2023
G2 Spring Reports 2023: Keboola leads the way once again
Keboola continues to make waves in the world of data, winning 16 awards in the G2 Spring Report.

Keboola has once again taken first place in multiple categories, as announced by the world’s leading software peer-to-peer review marketplace, G2.

As a data stack as a service, Keboola has one core goal - to make data accessible across all departments in your business. We want to empower teams everywhere to use data and build data products effortlessly, regardless of their technical background.

Keboola’s success in the G2 Spring Report is gratifying proof that our users continue to love us. Our aims to democratize data are paying off - something that we know from the honest feedback provided by our customers. If you submitted a review - thank you!

As a team, we’re always striving to give customers the best possible experience when using our platform. 

Examples of how we do this can be seen in our activities over the past four months: 

  • We hosted our first-ever user conference, EmPower Online (and a new one is just around the corner…).
  • Launched useful new features, including Global Search, updates to Flow builder UI, Search in Code, and Event streaming… 
  • Made several more updates to improve the user experience - you can find all of them on our change-log page.

Now, let’s take a look at this year’s G2 Spring Report.

What is a G2 Spring Report?

As the world’s largest technology and software marketplace, G2 matches around 60 million customers with the best technology on the market. 

Through their peer-to-peer review system, people can view honest feedback about the technology from people who have tried and tested it for themselves - yep, our users.

G2 pulls data from these customer reviews, as well as from online sources and social networks, and runs it through a sophisticated scoring algorithm to rank solutions based on various factors. These include:

  • Grid®: Feature a high-level overview of a G2 category based on customer satisfaction and market presence.
  • Index: Factors in categories that are most important to the users such as: usability, implementation, relationship, and results.
  • Momentum: Shines the light on products that are most innovative and growing.

Which awards did Keboola win?

Keboola went even further than in previous quarters and claimed the top spot in six ‘Leader’ categories, five in ‘High Performer’, and several other honors based on support and recommendations.

This means that the vast majority of users - somewhere in the 97-100% range - have rated Keboola four to five stars!

Keboola’s aim is to speed up data engineering, improve collaboration across teams and provide a complete data platform as a service, all from one place. The following awards indicate that our customers are loving what we do:

  • Leader in ETL tools 
  • Leader in Data extraction
  • Leader in Big data integration platforms
  • Leader in Mid-Market ETL Tools
  • Leader in Mid-Market Data extraction
  • Leader in Enterprise Data Extraction
“Instead of separately selecting, acquiring, configuring and integrating an endless list of technologies to build your data stack, Keboola gets you there in one platform.” - Robert C.

It doesn’t stop there - our high ratings led to us collecting some high-performer accolades too:

  • High performer in Mid-Market Backup
  • High performer in Enterprise ETL Tools
  • High performer in DataOps Platforms
  • High performer in Data Replication
  • High performer in Backup
“Keboola creates a very easy to view and understand how different ETLs are set up, while maintaining cohesion between them all. With numerous integrated components for extractors, it simplifies adding additional streams of data to already established ones.” - Matyáš J.

With our users at the forefront of everything we do, we were thrilled to maintain first place in the customer support category since last quarter. Our efforts to make our customers happy is reflected in these results!

  • Best support for Data replication
  • Best support for Mid-Market Data extraction 
  • Best Relationship for Mid-Market Data Extraction
  • Users most likely to recommend for Big Data Integration Platforms
  • Users love us
“Platform is really useful and easy, everyone we have worked with has been extremely helpful and helped us with other external partners. The team go above & beyond.” - James B.

A big thank you to everyone who left us a review - your feedback allows us to continually improve our services and help businesses transform their data management systems! 

If you’d like to leave a review for next quarter’s G2 Report, you can do so right now.

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