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Improve your sales and profit with data

Make key decisions based on data, not a gut feeling. Grow your eCommerce business with the most advanced data platform available and get actionable insights within minutes.
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“You are never too small to be data-driven! Get insights into your product, marketing campaigns, and improve your conversions. “
Pavel voparil, CEO OF
eCommerce businesses
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Analyze your eCommerce

Therefore, it's important to analyze your sales and determine what products are your top profit performers and how they relate to your business results, what product category generates the most revenue, and what opportunities exist for growth in that area. It's also important, in marketing, to watch trends and react to them.

Optimize your inventory

Optimizing your product's inventory leads to improving your cash balance. Discover what products are overstocked (and are therefore blocking your cash flow) and what products are low in stock, which creates the risk that you will run out and that your customers will buy them from your competition.

Review your pricing policy easily

Compare your prices with those of your competition in real time, automatically. Check your price position in the market and determine whether your prices are optimal. Easily analyze what will happen if you raise or lower your prices.

Segment your customers

Understand your customer behavior. Use RFM analysis to increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts. You will easily be able to reward your best customers and make personalized offers to them.

All data integrations you’ll ever need in one place

Talon One
Facebook Pages
CJ Affiliate
Google My Business
Google Analytics
Facebook Ads
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