Run your data operations on a single, unified platform.

  • Easy setup, no data storage required
  • Free forever for core features
  • Simple expansion with additional credits
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Get actionable data without coding or IT

Business users can now manipulate their data without coding. Simply click and transform your data from a raw mess to a business goldmine. No need to wait on the IT department for help.

Get your data ready for business
From startups to market leaders, companies of every size trust Keboola to solve their data challenges.
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5 reasons why no-code transformations are a game changer

No coding skill required

Build something valuable with data. Even without a CS degree.

Easy to use

The intuitive UI helps you pick the best manipulations to get the job done.

Time saver

Cut the time waiting on the IT department or struggling with Excel. Just get the job done.

Collaborate with engineers

Enrich your no-code data pipeline with custom data manipulations.

Automate and scale

Create your data manipulations once and set them on autopilot.
Try no-code transformations today

What can you achieve with no-code transformation?

Remove the noise

Filter out rows, drop columns, fill in missing values, get rid of duplicates, and replace inconsistent data with standardized values.

Join data across 250+ sources

Combine data sets across different apps. You can join advertising data from Facebook, Google, and Linkedin into a single table. Or combine sales reports across all the regions you supervise. 

Build your own metrics

Whether you’re analyzing your digital journey, quantifying relationships or creating custom metrics, No-code transformations help you do more with data.


Clean your data with automated no-code transformations. Or switch the manipulations from no-code to raw code and open the transformation blocks to engineers who code alongside you.
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Unlock the full power of dbt

Under the hood, no-code transformations are built with dbt. Get all the power of dbt - from reusable blocks to top performance - with no-code transformations.

Everyone loves Keboola

Keboola takes care of the heavy lifting so you can spend more time on what truly matters - using your unique expertise and creativity to drive business growth. 

But don’t take our word for it. Take our customers:
Try Keboola for yourself
EVERYTHING under one roof

Go beyond transformations - Set up entire data pipelines in minutes

Keboola doesn’t help you with just data transformations and cleaning. Keboola empowers you with the tools to solve your own data needs at every step of the way. With the Visual Flow Builder, you drag ‘n’ drop components to create data pipelines that:
Collect data from its sources: SaaS apps, files, databases,…
Clean the data with No-code Transformations
Collaborate on it with you engineers if needed
Send the data to the destination of your choice.
Start now. It's free.

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