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Development flexibility, platform security

Build custom functionality without the hassle of stack maintenance

Unlike tools that lock you out of development, Keboola Connection is a platform friendly to you - the developer. Anyone can become a developer, and use the language of their choice to build new components and functionality. Those then can be kept private, or published to all Keboola users. That way you can build whatever you need, without having to maintain an environment for it.

Keboola structure of layers
Modular “Lego like” platform, all the components that either provide you with their own logic or allow you to write your own logic, sit in this layer.
Meta Layer
“Brain” of the platform – includes parallel scaling, all configuration data and changes, auto code versioning, user provisioning, cross project data sharing, etc.
Software Orchestration
The kernel which allows us to connect infrastructure services with your workflows, code and external applications in one seamless workflow. This layer makes sure everything works together, is flexible, and auto scales.
Most valuable parts of the infrastructure that are needed for integration and analytics journey, wrapped with our APIs and made ready to be usable via just one API call.

Don't worry about the stack.
Just code.

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of choice

Develop components in the language of your choice, use prepared Docker images for quick start.
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If you want to publish your app, it will get listed in our app store. Or, keep it private for your organization's use only.

platform scaling

You write the advanced logic app. We take care of automatic infrastructure provisioning and scaling.
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Get access to the engineers behind the platform for first in class developer support.

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