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Run your data operations on a single, unified platform.

  • Easy setup, no data storage required
  • Free forever for core features
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Use dbt within Keboola's all-in-one platform

Keboola empowers data professionals by bringing their end-to-end data stack into a single platform. Now with the addition of dbt to the transformation layer, every dbt practitioner can use native, code-first dbt transformations to build production-grade data pipelines.

Keboola and dbt logo

Rich dbt support from day one

Bring your existing dbt code, start fresh or start by orchestrating existing dbt cloud jobs as a part of bigger data pipelines. Keboola supports remote execution of dbt jobs on your existing DWH as well. Collect job information, including run artifacts. Visualize dbt docs in one click — no need for scripting and custom hosting.

Main benefits and features

Keboola is the end-to-end data stack as a service that allows you to integrate all of your data tools into a single platform. With the addition of dbt Core you can access all the dbt features without any need to provision the infrastructure yourself. Simply create a Keboola project and start building production-grade data pipelines within the comfort of a fully-managed SQL environment either from a rich UI or Keboola CLI.
Orchestrate dbt as a part
of a bigger data pipeline
Use the Keboola flow orchestrator engine to orchestrate data pipelines, including extractors, other transformation backends and reverse ETL components.
Simplified development environment setup
Providing one command easy development environment setup, with monitoring and auditing.
Code-native development
The Keboola platform decouples the transformation and execution logic, promoting better and more sustainable architecture patterns. Avoid hacking it within macros.
Keboola supports all means of running dbt
Execute dbt on a Keboola provided or your own database infrastructure. Trigger dbt cloud runs.
Rich support of dbt cloud
The Keboola platform provides dbt cloud integration from day one. Trigger jobs from the flows, extract dbt cloud metadata and use them in extended pipeline logic.
Data governance and cost transparency
The Keboola platform automatically captures all job details, including artifacts and job costs. Users can open dbt docs in one click.
Everything you need

Keboola + dbt = the Modern Data Experience

dbt is the best in class transformation tool for the Modern Data Stack.
And when coupled with Keboola’s Data Stack as a Service platform, it helps you to unlock full interoperability between all of your data tools.

Unlock Transformations. From ETL to ELT with Reverse ETL. Keboola + dbt helps you unlock the power of transformations in all of your data architectures. Whether you pick the traditional data warehousing path or the modernized data mesh, with Keboola you can build architectures that adapt to your data needs. Rely on dbt’s SQL or use Python and R for your data science.
Single Orchestration Engine & Lineage. Keboola brings all of your tools together. No need to worry about different environments and tools not working together. Mix and match dbt with Writers, Extractors, and even Python transformations to fully unlock the power of Data Stack as a Service. Trace your data lineage from a single location across a myriad of technical solutions.
Empower All of Your Data Teams. With dbt, your data analysts, data scientists, data engineers and machine learning engineers can build their own data pipelines without relying on others. Should you pick data-pipelines-as-code or go with tools that offer a friendly drag-and-drop UI? No need to choose, with Keboola you can have both. And your data experts can focus on building things instead of maintaining their stacks.
Get started now

Come for dbt.
Stay for the whole data stack as a service.

Keboola is a Data Stack as a Service platform that takes care of all of your data demands. Automate your ETL and ELT pipeline building. Trace data lineage. Empower your analysts and data scientists with all the tools they need, all from a single platform. No more granular and disconnected data. With Keboola, you never have to worry about stitching together multiple disparate solutions, wasting money and loosing valuable time. Focus on your data, not maintaining your infrastructure.
Bring data governance to your entire stack. From tracing data lineage to managing metadata.
Create one-click workflows with our data templates. Build ETL/ELT and other pipelines with the SQL/Python/R tools you know.
Easily connect data sources and destinations with more than 250 out-of-the-box connectors.

Focus on ROI and have business impact.

"Keboola is a no-brainer. It will help you automate most, if not all of your daily tasks, from day one."
Michal Pich Photo
Digital Strategies Architect at Archetix
“Our previous solution was simply not allowing us to cover the amount of ground we needed to move at the speed we wanted. We needed autonomy more than anything so our engineers weren’t hindered by limited systems.”
Ilja Volf photo
Ilja Volf
Mall Group’s Head of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
“Keboola allowed us to focus on being innovative and not worry about whether our toolset would be able to keep up with us.”
Vinh Buu
Manager of Shopping Data
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