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Revolt BI: Implementing Keboola results in a 20x faster data simulation model, 3-5% revenue increase, or even identifying 815,000 EUR of savings

Explore 11 short customer stories across a variety of industries.

Customer Stories
April 7, 2022
Revolt BI: Implementing Keboola results in a 20x faster data simulation model, 3-5% revenue increase, or even identifying 815,000 EUR of savings
Explore 11 short customer stories across a variety of industries.

Revolt BI is a consultancy and data implementation agency that provides comprehensive business intelligence solutions for companies of all sizes, by implementing best-of-breed solutions available on the market. 

For DataOps, they swear by Keboola to bring all the data neatly together and to automatically process it according to the needs of their clients which in total have over $6.9 billion dollars in revenue combined.  

We asked them to share some of the results they achieved by implementing Keboola and got back multiple numbers, facts, and stories of happy customers across a wide range of industries

Spoiler alert - there is a success story behind every Keboola implementation.

Let’s read through the results.


One of the biggest eCommerce companies in the Czech Republic used Keboola to create a business intelligence platform that is now used by over 500 people. The data collected helped to calculate unit margins, stock movements, buying, and to replace a stack of legacy platforms that hindered any progress in terms of data analytics due to complexity and costs. The company was profitable within two years after this investment and was successfully sold to the biggest eCommerce holding in Central Europe.

The same E-commerce player was able to implement a dynamic pricing model for over 300 000 products, so they can now instantly react and act to pricing changes by their competitors.

An online grocery business from the Czech Republic decided to set up its BI from scratch. Which meant they had to integrate over 10 data sources and generate 700 reports across all the departments. This data was then used to improve processes and operational efficiency across the company which was crucial in order to maintain the investors’ confidence and for them to fund further growth.


This unexpected success story comes from a client that used Keboola and Snowflake to fight a legal battle. They wanted to disprove copyright claims from a third party by analyzing two years of TV programs and calculating the time that particular music pieces were aired.


A platform operating car listings was able to prototype a data pipeline that processed 4 million car listings from the European market. Very soon they expanded to six countries and grew their business to selling cars and are now aiming for a revenue of a billion CZK a month for 2022.

One of the world's biggest automotive manufacturers was able to cross analyze 32 billion combinations of spare part inventory names to find duplicates. The value of the superfluous inventory was 6 million CZK, and Revolt BI was able to reach this result in 48 hours during a hackathon. After a three-month PoC, they also identified 20 million CZK of savings…in one warehouse out of twenty that the company operates.


Keboola and Snowflake were used to analyze mobility data for one of the largest cities in the Czech Republic. The analysis was done as an RnD activity aimed to replace in-person questionnaires that could not be gathered due to Covid restrictions.


Keboola and Snowflake are also used by a Central European sports retailer to calculate 12 million predictions of sales a day over 38 thousand products in 5 countries. These predictions are used to ship goods into 190 retail stores and ensure that the right goods are on the shelves when customers need them. This particular partnership resulted in an estimated 3-5 % increase in revenue.

By implementing Keboola a major retailer was able to analyze the performance of a national market and by doing that, they realized that they were performing a negative average margin on each transaction thus a decision was made to leave this particular country and redirect millions of dollars in marketing money to other more profitable markets. 

Two big players in the beverage business were able to fully automate their market overview data. Pairing hundreds of SKUs to external market research data from Nielson or Kantar was a process that usually took a month of analyst time. With Keboola, this task is now done in a matter of hours.

Another great example comes from one of the biggest importers of mobile phones in the Czech Republic. By integrating data from 15 retails, they will report over 2,5 billion CZK of sales within their partner network.


Revolt BI used Keboola to optimize a data simulation model that is used by the biggest energy provider in the Czech Republic to buy gas for the national market. The model now runs 20 times faster than their previous Matlab implementation enabling day-to-day simulations and solving a problem that was worrying their client for over 10 years.


When the biggest Czech online fashion shop was under siege by Zalando and About You marketing campaigns, Keboola and Snowflake were used to provide data to optimize the retail distribution chain in 2 countries, change its product portfolio and find inefficiencies across the whole company. 

The same two solutions were also used to generate replenishment movements between 20 outlets in 2 countries for a major fashion retailer. This project helped the retailer to move deadstock to stores with higher selling potential. 


A Czech telco operator was able to analyze technical data from their telecommunication towers in Slovakia. The PoC paid itself within 4 days after redirecting one antenna to a more profitable location.

Mobile application

By implementing BI solutions and behavioral analytics, an internet dating app was able to detect frauds and identify fake profiles that were plaguing a community of thousands of users.


Revolt BI prepared a comprehensive market report of activities across 17 countries for an important business in the healthcare industry. The results of the data analysis were then used to assess marketing campaigns that promoted new technologies to patients across Europe.


A SaaS client of Revolt BI was able to score 10.000 potential clients to mitigate default risks, which enabled them to keep a free offering for new clients that would otherwise be unsustainable. 

You can always count on Keboola

As we saw from these multiple examples, Keboola can cater to any type of business that wants to gain a competitive advantage and increase revenue.

Use cases of how you can achieve actionable insights are numerous, and we are confident, that whatever may be your case Keboola has already seen that & done that.

Ready to scale your business with the most advanced data platform available?

Check out Keboola’s free tier to connect your data sources and start growing today.

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