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How is Enjoy Digital raising marketing ROI for their clients while saving 3 man-days per month?

Read how one of the fastest-growing independent digital agencies in the UK uses data to understand the big picture of their marketing campaigns.

Customer Stories
May 27, 2022
How is Enjoy Digital raising marketing ROI for their clients while saving 3 man-days per month?
Read how one of the fastest-growing independent digital agencies in the UK uses data to understand the big picture of their marketing campaigns.

Enjoy Digital is one of the fastest-growing independent digital agencies in the UK.

They help their clients create innovative digital experiences that rethink and reshape the digital marketing landscape. And they back their success up with hard numbers.

We talked to Luigi, a senior data engineer at Enjoy Digital, to discover how their small team of data experts fuels data-driven growth for the entire marketing agency. 

“Data is at the core of what we do. And we instill that across every person within our 50-people agency.”

But the path to driving marketing growth with data was not always smooth.

Before Keboola: A life of manual data pulls

Working with client data to showcase the benefits brought by Enjoy Digital was painful. 

It involved working with a lot of non-standard data systems - vendor-specific CSMs, 3rd Party Apps, and other solutions that require custom tweaking.

Luigi and his team spent their days collecting data directly from APIs and writing custom Python code or relying on the fickle Zapier integrations to manually pull data from all these systems. 

Luigi joked that “I keep my hair short, so I don't have to pull it out. That's what my days used to be like.”. But the manual pulling had its toll on the business bottom line.

“It was problem-solving and firefighting, pretty much constantly. The business impact was that you were wasting a lot of manual time, it was difficult collecting all the data together.”

But this was not impacting just their client-facing work. 

Even internally, a lot of the manual pulling had spillover effects on other team members. Marketers and other agency coworkers had to provision data themselves and do custom data pulls to answer their business questions. 

“We needed to take a step back and actually look at our data model and how we get that data, how we process it, how we use it, even how we store it. We knew that we needed to be in a very different position. And it was my challenge to find the solutions.”

The search for the holy data grail - how to solve the data engineering problems?

Keboola wasn't the first solution Luigi looked at.

Enjoy Digital works mainly with advertising and digital data. So their main data sources were Google Analytics and Google Ads. Because they used Tableau for their data visualizations, their first choice was Tableau Prep. 

But Luigi was against building systems that rely on a single tool. He wanted to build pipelines that could eventually funnel data into other data visualization tools like Power BI. With BigQuery at its center to act as a single source of truth. 

“We started looking at things like Alteryx - very big and high-end tool. But we found that they were still very manual. They wouldn't quite fit all the needs we had as an agency. So then we started looking at some automation tools such as” seemed promising, but its sales process and the demo were not very convincing. A lot of questions remained unanswered. 

Then they also stumbled upon Keboola. On a Reddit comment, out of all places.

After a quick look, Keboola fit every requirement Enjoy Digital had. The pricing was competitive, the support outstanding, and the growth potential of the platform was impressive. So what swayed Luigi, in the end, to opt for Keboola and not

Ultimately it came down to Keboola’s team:

“You really gave us that reassurance that it's a platform that we can use, but also that you have a very good support structure in place if we have issues, and that reassurance is needed. I mean, don't get me wrong, as much as we'd like data to always go as smoothly as possible, there are always going to be issues. And it's nice knowing that there's a great team that can really support us in that.”

Life after Keboola: The proof is in the pudding

The biggest benefit Luigi and Enjoy Digital got from Keboola is the 

“... time that we've saved. The biggest issue that we've had is we've been spending so much time with data processes that it's made it almost impossible to focus on other areas within the business. Having Keboola in place makes things easy.”

But the time saving doesn’t allow just Luigi and his data team to have more resources to drive business growth. It freed up other team members' resources to improve their performance as well. 

With Keboola, other members can self-serve their analytic needs. And with the automation behind it, Luigi tells us Keboola saves them at least 3 man-days per month! And that is just on their client-reporting side of the business. 

Keboola also allowed Luigi and his team to export and process data at a finer granularity.

​”Instead of just understanding the big picture behind advertising campaigns, the granularity has allowed us to understand the variables behind the performance. For example, how do certain devices drive impressions? How do certain days of the week or weekends drive advertising campaign performance? We’re now looking at patterns, and almost forecasting what the picture could look like, based on the granular variables we collect.”

But you can look at impressions and clicks within an advertising campaign. Optimize and increase those metrics. But as Luigi says, for their clients it is all about improving their marketing ROIs: 

“They see benefits in increased conversions and increased revenue. So although they don't necessarily see what goes on behind the scenes, they're not bothered about that part. They love the good returns on investment.“

What’s next for Enjoy Digital?

Data is at the core of what Enjoy Digital does. They drive growth for their clients and showcase their impact with hard numbers.

Keboola has helped them push that data culture throughout their business and streamline data processes across the agency. 

So how will Enjoy Digital evolve its data operations in the future? 

Luigi tells us they will continue to improve their own DataOps, but they will also reach out and transform the way their clients manage data:

“It's not just about us and our reporting and how we manage data. But also how our clients manage the data. We can use Keboola to help them become more autonomous.”

With Keboola, Enjoy Digital is transforming the way we think about digital marketing. As Luigi said:

“There are many tools out there that do things similarly, but the team makes the difference.”

Ready to discover what Keboola can do to help your business? Get in touch with us and let us start building a better data future.

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