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Smart Quarantine: Empower Citizens to Stay Healthy and get Back to Work Safely

A statewide integrated response through data to rapidly respond, test and track Covid-19.

How to restart the economy and avoid a resurgence of the epidemic?

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  • Citizens collaborate with the authorities
  • Privacy protected
  • Democracy & freedom
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Smart Quarantine & Monitoring

  • Quickly identify people & areas at risk
  • Avoid Healthcare Crisis
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  • Know who is infected and who is not
  • Allow for controlled access to work
  • Minimize risk Back to Work accelerating Wave 2

Stop Second

  • Constantly monitor epidemiological situation
  • Immediately take targeted, localized measures
  • Control virus re-entry
  • Policy Modeling, Monitoring and forecasting
How one EU country is already doing it

The Czech government had a fast rollout of Smart Quarantine in partnership with a strong tech alliance among Keboola and telco operators (O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile). The beta version of Smart Quarantine rolled out within a week. In the following three weeks, the Czech government underwent change management and training with local health authorities and launched smart quarantine nation wide. Currently the Czech government is preparing a second version for rollout.

How does it work?

Memory Map Tracing with

What does the work with the map look like? According to the size of the circle on the memory map, it is possible to determine how long the individual person stayed at the location. Only places where the infected person stayed for minimally 10 minutes are displayed.

Phone number tracking

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Smart-quarantine project launched in Czech Republic to search faster and more efficiently for people who could be infected with COVID-19.
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CZ: Smart Quarantine is supposed to accelerate the return to free movement. Expansion of the program is expected after Easter.
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Frequently asked questions

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