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Use Keboola Connection to mash up data from various sources including social networks, web services, internal databases, etc.. Take advantage of GoodData platform for data visualization and reporting to discover hidden value of your data which can drive your business to unprecedented heights.

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A privately-owned company based out of Prague, Czech republic, with a presence near Vancouver, BC, Canada and Singapore. We are a team of data geeks spanning three continents and sixteen time zones ready to help you understand your data in the ways that you wanted to months ago.

  • Implementing data analytics with Keboola is a quick and straightforward process leading to revelatory results.

    Nicole Neumarker, VP of Technology - Neutron Interactive
  • @PetrSimecek @mr_hash I was impressed, guys. You've built quite impressive apps on top of GoodData!

  • The Keboola implementation consultants consistently anticipated our analytics use cases with minimal discussions about our data. Implementation moved as fast as we were able to keep up.

    Nicole Neumarker, VP of Technology - Neutron Interactive
  • Great usage of @gooddata Dashboard macros - by @keboola. Thank you guys! goo.gl/xQ3iS

  • Keboola delivered a holistic view of our business performance

    Jamarlin - Moguldom
  • Working with Keboola allows you to ask the important business questions needing answers and have clear data pathways laid out for you, regardless of how "legacy" you think your data might be.

    Nicole Neumarker, VP of Technology - Neutron Interactive
  • Keboola is our strongest and most knowledgeable partner. Keboola has been developing on GoodData for over 18 months, they have successfully delivered 25+ projects for customers and their offices are right across the street from our engineering office in Prague. I trust them as if they were our employees.

    Cliff Cate - Gooddata