Let’s Dive into Data.
Combine Data. Create New Context.
Benefit from Insightful Analyses. 

Use Keboola Connection to automatically mix, clean and transform your data in the cloud. Collaborate with others in a safe, open and extendable environment. 

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Keboola Connection 

Blend data and increase its value.
Be creative.
Verify your hypotheses quickly.
No sources are out of limits, and the possibilities
for visualisation and distribution of your insights
are endless. 

Keboola App Store

The toolbox of every data craftsman.

Join our open, quickly growing marketplace of business,
data science and machine learning applications produced
by Keboola, affiliates, or third parties.

Integrate projects with ease. Just point the quick-to-configure apps to your data. Twenty seconds later, even sophisticated functions are part of your workflow.

Feel free to add your own app

Creating your simple Custom Science application is easy
and takes only a few minutes. You can also add your
own Docker extension.

Build leaner and better focused products
thanks to the fact that data integration is taken care of.
Don’t worry how customers’ data reach you or
how to deliver the results back to them.

App examples

  • Basket analysis
  • Next order prediction
  • Natural language processing
  • GEO coding
  • Data cleaning
  • Anomaly detection
  • Grouped histogram
  • Segmentation
  • Table content overview
  • R tree depth
  • Correlation
  • Linear dependency finder
  • and more...

Third parties

  • For companies of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises
  • Easy to integrate with existing business processes
  • Keboola Connection grows with your company. Pay just for what you really use!

Our Manifesto

“At Keboola, we are all about open work. Not in favor of being told what to do and what tools to use ourselves, we don’t want to impose that onto you either.

Our ‘Geeks for Geeks’ community gives you the power to create. Miss something? Don’t wait for us! Write your own app and let everybody use it. All Keboola Connection code is public; feel free to share yours as well.

Have a great idea? We’re listening...”

Who Is on Board 

Power Business Users

Who want to access data without the help of their IT department

Know a bit of SQL, and have a firm hold on your business processes. Keboola Connection will propel you on your journey to a data driven company. 

Data Analysts

Who need an environment for data preparation at a click of a button.

Use R or Python. Invite other people, or different professions (data scientists, visualisation experts, etc.); get ready to see changes in the systems and code.
Have control!

Read our blog at blog.keboola.com


Who hate writing proprietary systems over and over.

Invite more people. Have continuity. Keboola Connection is a geek's ideal world. Use the API. Let your business users work with our UI; we keep track of all users activity, so you always know.

Read our blog at 500.keboola.com

Ocean of Data and Opportunities

Keboola Connection can be used as a backbone
for almost any data product, drastically reducing
the time to market. Why start from scratch when there’s more than 30 man-years of development at your fingertips for a modest monthly subscription? 

Want to Provide Access to Data?

Once you collect and clean your data, make it available to anyone! Be it your business users or external Data Scientists. And always have control over it. It’s that easy!

Want to Build Data Projects for Your Customers?

With tons of data on your hands, make it available to your customers. Create insights and distribute them in a fast, cheap and scalable fashion (one to three months to the first release max.).

Are You a Data Driven Company?

Bring IT Specialists, Data Analysts, Data Scientist, and Business Users together in one environment. Let them collaborate. Choose data consumption tools based on their preferences. Provide them with self-service dashboards. Always have the full process under control.

Are You a Large Search Engine?

Use us as an external data pipe and prediction building environment. Take data out of your proprietary systems, clean, manipulate, and enrich it. Make predictions. Then write it back to your database, as well as to BI tools for your sales department. All in one process.

Want to Bring Order to Chaos?

Your inbox is filled with multiple versions of a single spreadsheet. You have no idea who changed what and why they did it. Numbers get overwritten without you even knowing it. Which version are you looking at now? Use Keboola Connection. Escape the “Excel Hell”!

Check out our full code in github.com/keboola.
Fork it. Play with it.


Get all required data from various sources into one place.

Typically, they connect to APIs of external services. But they can also connect directly to an arbitrary data- base, or process incoming e-mails.

No programming is necessary. More than 70 custom-built extractors, from marketing applications to finance, with own User Interface.

Clients with development resources can create their own Generic Extractor for implementing extractors for services with REST API.

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Modify your data. Clean it, blend it and put it back to Storage.

Data is picked from Storage, manipulated and then stored back again. Transformations can be created by writing a free-form script in SQL, R and Python.

We provide you with a sandbox to experiment in without worrying of losing critical data. SQLDep.com is integrated for large SQL visual debugging.

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Deliver output data into systems and applications where it gets consumed.

Writers take the enriched and processed data, help to identify and describe it, and load it into its final destination.

Some of most popular writers currently supported are GoodData, Tableau, YellowFin, Redshift, Oracle database, Dropbox, Amazon S3, MySQL, ElasticSearch or Google Drive.

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Extend Keboola Connection with arbitrary code to extract, manipulate or write data. Or, go to App Store and choose extensions written by others.

Creating your own simple Custom Science application is easy and takes only a few minutes. Or use Docker for maximum flexibility, and we will run it for you. We take care of the billing, too.

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Make your large and complex projects fully automated.

Run a data extractor or any other component when and how often you want. Don’t like our scheduling? Write your own.

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Manage everything related to storing and accessing data.

As the core of Keboola’s architecture, Storage is a layer on top of various database engines that we use as our backends: MySQL, Redshift, and Snowflake.

Storage API provides Keboola Connection components and 3rd party applications with easy access to all required functionality while shielding them from the complexities that are irrelevant to the task at hand.

Enjoy the comfort of using Keboola’s storage, or connect your own remote storage.

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Keboola Connection Data Preparation Platform

Agile and open data integration framework.
Intuitive and user-friendly environment for working with your data.

Get Sailing in Three Easy Steps

Whether your goal is to produce a robust, yet flexible environment for your internal business data, or to build a client-facing data product, the requirements to work with the data itself are rather simple:

  1. Bring Data
  2. Transform Data into a Usable Format
  3. Visualize and Analyze
    the Data

The challenge and frustration lies not with the data, but with the technology required to set up and maintain such a project.
Keboola eliminates the noise of technology integrations and allows you to focus on the work that matters: the data itself.

There is no integration, only selection and configuration of the components necessary to your value chain. Choose what you need and let the rest stay out of your way.

Partners program

We bring the right technologies and minds together, so you can focus on doing amazing things with data.
Knowing your local environment, our partners will assist you in creating a custom product specific to your unique needs.

If you are interested in our Developer Program, please contact us and see developers.keboola.com.